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How Getting An Electric Car Can Cut Your Electricity Bill

The common assumption is that getting an electric car will jack up your electricity usage and thus electricity bill, and that is probably the norm to one extent or another, but that’s not always the case. In fact, some people end up having a lower electricity bill after getting an electric car. I wrote about this […]

August 10th

Solar-Powered 1966 Volkswagen Bus

Solar-powered cars are all over the place theses days… but I’m talking about indirectly solar-powered cars, or, at the least, electric cars that use solar-powered EV chargers. Directly solar-powered are basically limited to very specialized car races (+ this Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept). But that’s not to say there aren’t some out there. The […]

August 4th

Solar Drones From Facebook To Bring Internet To Developing World

Originally published on Gas2. Imagine a solar-powered drone with a wingspan as great as that of a 737 that can stay aloft for 90 days at a time, all the while working to bring internet to remote areas throughout the world. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, Facebook is now on the verge of testing just […]

August 3rd

Stanford’s Next Solar Car Unveiled — Arctan

While solar cars are still more oddity than practical vehicle, it’s still nice to see some of the improvements made to various prototype vehicles over the last few years. Much of these improvements seem to relate the desire to win the various solar car races out there. Who can resist a good competition? Especially when […]

August 2nd

EV Owner & Lessee Survey

I’ve been long planning to do an EV owner and lessee survey like this, so I am super eager to see the results. (I’m going to have a hard time not watching them obsessively as they come in.) But the key, of course, is getting EV owners and lessees to complete the survey. If you drive […]

July 25th

Solar-Powered Cars Getting Real In California

Originally published on Gas2. First of all, let’s qualify the term “solar cars” here. Many people may simply assume that a solar car is a car with solar panels on top of it. But let’s think about this: if an electric car is powered by solar panels, is it not a solar car as well? A […]

July 20th

The EV Revolution Is Starting (Video)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The future is now. That’s a phrase I love on so many levels. I’ve got another presentation in my repertoire more tailored to that phrase, but for my PechaKucha presentation on the opening night of the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum, I realized at the last minute (or maybe a little […]

July 13th

Elon Musk: Tesla Motors Investing Big In Charging Infrastructure In Japan

Tesla Motors will be making a large investment into its charging infrastructure in Japan — with all charging stations there being either powered directly by solar energy, or indirectly through solar energy purchased from elsewhere — according to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. The comments, made during an interview with Nikkei, were pretty straightforward: “We’ll […]

May 5th

Hanergy & AMR To Further Solar Car Development

Aston Martin Racing and Hanergy, a solar energy company, have renewed their partnership to further the development of the Aston Martin Vantage GTE race car. Under this UK partnership, the two companies will improve both the Aston Martin GTE’s performance using solar panels affixed to its roof and Hanergy’s automotive solar technology. The thought of using solar panels […]

April 15th

Tesla Soon To Unveil Tesla Home Battery

Originally published on Solar Love. We’re gonna unveil the Tesla home battery, or consumer battery, that will be for use in people’s houses or businesses, fairly soon. We have the design done, and it should start going into production probably in about six months or so. We’re trying to figure out a date to have the product unveiling — it’s […]

February 14th

50 Big Aspects Of The Evolving Electric Vehicle Market

Some good people at Urban Foresight, the International Energy Agency, the Electric Vehicles Initiative, and Clean Energy Ministerial have put together an “EV City Casebook” that I highly recommend checking out (it’s free). The focus of the casebook is a summary of “50 big ideas shaping the future of electric mobility.” We’ll be focusing on some (or many) […]

December 8th

Solar EV Charging Rocks, But Which Option To Choose?

Electric vehicles are awesome for our health, anyone and anything that prefers oxygen over pollution, our comfort, and much more, but they are even more awesome if they are drinking electricity from solar panels. That should be a given. It’s easy to realize that we should all be driving on sunshine, and “energy independence” is one of the key selling […]

November 28th

Panasonic & Powertree To Construct 68 Solar Charging Stations

These days Panasonic is busy digging its claws into the electric vehicle business thanks to its multi-billion dollar dealings with Tesla Motors. But there are other non-Tesla efforts Panasonic is working on, including a program with Powertree Services to provide 68 solar-powered EV charging stations around the San Francisco area. The systems include a battery […]

October 22nd

Tesla CTO Presentation In Southern California

On October 10, Tesla CTO & co-founder JB Straubel gave a presentation at the Southern California Energy Summit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at that one, but JB’s presentation was posted online, so I decided to pull out some interesting slides. For Tesla fanatics, I’m not sure if anything will be new for you (perhaps the quote […]

October 21st

Asia Tesla Supercharger Maps Updated

Tesla Supercharger maps offer a spectrum of information ranging from representations of the corridors Tesla has now and the end-of-2014 & 2015 corridors that it plans to enable. Exact locations and timing may vary depending on when you check in. If one views the map now, looking at the end of 2014 and 2015, one realizes that Tesla is quickening […]

September 11th