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Solar + Electric Cars — Gasoline & Utility Bill For The Year Equals -$471.36 At Herons’ House

Wondering how to save more money? Check out the fuel cost at Heron’s House, including the two cars and one home powered by the sunshine: from May 16, 2014, to May 15, 2015, total gasoline & utility energy cost for the year came to -$471.36.

More of us can and will live like this, and reap similar savings. Simplicity is not counterintuitive. It will soon be the first choice. Enjoy the work of art that is this following video, “The Drive to Net Zero Energy Challenge, Heron’s House,” and the view of EVs from a full, open aerial view (via The Official BMW i Forum):

“Imagine our world so advanced, we understand that our most important strategic partnership on earth is with nature.”

Test drive the BMW i3. It may be the most captivating driving experience for you yet. It was for me. I love the Nissan LEAF, the Tesla Model S, but still, what lingers in my mind is how unique and fascinating the BMW i3 is. I appreciate why so many do consider this EV a work of art.

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