Solar + Electric Cars — Gasoline & Utility Bill For The Year Equals -$471.36 At Herons’ House

Wondering how to save more money? Check out the fuel cost at Heron’s House, including the two cars and one home powered by the sunshine: from May 16, 2014, to May 15, 2015, total gasoline & utility energy cost for the year came to -$471.36.

More of us can and will live like this, and reap similar savings. Simplicity is not counterintuitive. It will soon be the first choice. Enjoy the work of art that is this following video, “The Drive to Net Zero Energy Challenge, Heron’s House,” and the view of EVs from a full, open aerial view (via The Official BMW i Forum):

“Imagine our world so advanced, we understand that our most important strategic partnership on earth is with nature.”

Test drive the BMW i3. It may be the most captivating driving experience for you yet. It was for me. I love the Nissan LEAF, the Tesla Model S, but still, what lingers in my mind is how unique and fascinating the BMW i3 is. I appreciate why so many do consider this EV a work of art.

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11 thoughts on “Solar + Electric Cars — Gasoline & Utility Bill For The Year Equals -$471.36 At Herons’ House

  1. I don’t get the fascination with the i3. Test drove the Leaf, i3 and e-Golf and found the e-Golf to be the sharpest, best regen, nicest interior and the most spacious (I can put my road bike in the Golf, not the i3). The sitting position is awkward in the i3 and the accelerator quite vague, not to mention the awfully small speedo. Why bother with a 1990s digital clock speedo at all? Either put a decent screen like Tesla and Audi TT or put a nice readable analogue speedo; again VW does far better with their gorgeous analogue energy meter. I think the BMW badge is the reason it gets people excited, would it be the same if the badge was KIA?

    1. I haven’t driven the e-Golf since it’s in such a limited number of places. VW reps tried hard to get me one in Florida to test drive but in the end said they couldn’t get any to that region.

      The i3 is wonderful to drive, imho. I don’t really care that it’s a BMW. It’s just fun and offers a number of other driver benefits. The car has won a number of awards and accolades from top auto experts and engineers for a reason…

      1. Sure, to each their own. Regarding the accolades, let’s not forget that the Golf VII was elected car of the year when released. The new Passat was also elected car of the year, too bad they don’t make a pure electric one though, just the GTE for now… Furthermore, if you read reviews of the e-Golf which I suspect you have read many, other than range which is the same as the i3, they’re impressed by the driving experience, the premium/comfortable interior, how quiet it is etc.

        It seems VW has a big problem in America, I don’t really get what’s the difference between this state and that state… we’re not talking about hydrogen so wherever you have electricity you should be able to drive the e-Golf. Here, you can buy an e-Golf anywhere… dieselgate or not, in my opinion it’s hands down the best affordable EV available today. I agree with Robert Llewellyn from fully charged when he says how VW gets cabin layout etc. so right it’s almost unfair how they crush the competition each and every time. Jeremy Clarkson would say something similar. I’d put it like this: this car is so intuitive, you feel like you’re driving the car equivalent of an iPhone.

  2. Thank you for your experiences. I drive a LEAF actually and am very happy outside the wish to have more range. I Love the smooth agile drive of the LEAF. Sounds like I need to test drive the eGolf.

  3. I don’t get the title of this article. He went full electric and solar to save $400 or with all the investment he still had to pay $400 above his capital invested? this is poorly written. If he spent $400 on fuel costs then what did he spend up front costs, over how many years in depreciation, to drop his fuel cost to $400/year?
    We have an EV and solar and they both cost a lot of money. Fuel savings are significant but so is the cost sunk into the kit. Whether you buy or lease, or Solar PPA, you’re still paying and I hope he gets more than $400/year out of it.
    Title and article needs serious revisit.

  4. I think there is a chance there is a error or a misqoute as at the end of the video the $471 is actually a minus or -ve figure. This -ve 471 could represent a positive return or a below zero cost.

    Either that or the i8 chews through the gas

  5. Hi Cynthia,

    Figure quoted is a net receipt to the household.

    Savings over a compatible household would be multiple thousands

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