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How To Charge An Electric Car — 10 Core Steps

Published on August 31st, 2017 | by Zach | 1 comment

Electric cars — great, fun, quick, clean, smooth, quiet, convenient to charge at home and work. But wait, what’s life like with an electric car? How do you charge? Where do you charge? What do you ... Read More

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More Than 2,000 EV Drivers From 28 Countries Tell Us What They Desire & Require — CleanTechnica’s 2nd EV Report!

Published on June 5th, 2017 | by Zach | no comments

CleanTechnica surveyed more than 2,000 electric car drivers in 26 European countries, 49 of 50 US states, and 9 Canadian provinces to find out what early electric car adopters require and desire from their next electric cars and from EV charging networks. Basically, we asked questions we were very eager to see answers to... Read More

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