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13 Electric Cars For Sale In 2017 — USA Electric Cars List

Below is an electric cars list of the fully electric cars for sale in 2017 in the USA. This article will be updated as new electric cars arrive on the market, such as the coming Tesla Model 3. The first prices listed are base prices before the federal tax credit. In parenthesis are prices after the maximum […]

January 8th

Auto Car Reviews The 2016 Renault Zoe R90 ZE 40 Signature

Now that the new and improved Renault Zoe has been available for a bit of time, more and more reviews are popping up. Amongst which is an interesting review of the 2016 Renault Zoe R90 ZE 40 Signature that was recently posted by Auto Car. The basic appraisal communicated in the review? To use their […]

December 31st

Rimac Concept_One vs Bugatti Veyron (Video)

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any videos of the Rimac Concept_One in action. Probably too long for the taste of some. … So, it seems worth posting the video below of the Rimac Concept_One going “head to head” with a Bugatti Veyron on a route along the scenic Croatian coastline. As the race […]

December 30th

AutoWeek Gives Tesla Model X P90D + Autopilot Good Review

The respected automotive news outlet AutoWeek recently posted a new review of the Tesla Model X P90D — a largely enthusiastic and positive one. The pros (according to the review): A market-leading range, Autopilot, and the extensive nearly unique (in a production vehicle) tech options. The cons: The Model X is expensive, and the exterior design […]

December 27th

Cadillac XTS vs Nissan LEAF — Review Comparison

For a road trip from Tampa (FL) to Cocoa (FL), the best option on the lot after some last-minute changes to our plans was a Cadillac XTS luxury sedan. While it wasn’t what we would have initially chosen, the opportunity to drive a luxury Cadillac was actually an editorial boon. After a year of happily […]

October 30th

Lightspeed Transformation To EVs (Video) From EV Test Drives

Originally published on CleanTechnica.com I know Kim pretty well after first meeting her in a creative writing workshop years back. One gets used to baring their soul through storytelling in such endeavours. Just a few days ago, I watched her go through a visible, profound transition in a matter of seconds getting into and driving […]

July 24th

My Friend’s First EV Test Drive

Originally published on CleanTechnica.com It is always hard to know without first-hand experience that you Don’t Know what you Don’t Know. One of my friends is a caring and productive teacher. I found a quick occasion to slide her into a first EV test drive experience. The results were as they generally are with EVs. (Video below is […]

July 21st

Tesla Autopilot Crushes Mercedes-Benz S65 & Hyundai Genesis

The auto industry is home to a great many well-funded and entrenched interests. Which has resulted in some interesting coverage of Tesla and some of its controversial offerings and technologies (like Autopilot). All of that said, it’s been hard for most to deny how impressively Tesla has been performing these last few years. As a […]

July 7th

Ten List Of Things I Do While EV Charging

When driving an electric car, the two most common questions you get from people fairly new (or completely new) to the technology are: “How long does it take to charge?” And “How far can you drive before you have to charge again?” The thing it seems they often don’t understand is that you can do other things […]

June 18th

15 Electric Car Reviews

Originally posted on CleanTechnica. Note: Jump down to “Renault Twizy” if you want to skip my general notes on electric cars and how I got into them. I have to admit — it’s been great fun and a lucky pleasure to test drive so many electric cars. Cars aren’t historically a big part of my life. […]

June 9th

Fiat 500e Review

I finally got behind the wheel of a Fiat 500e while I was in Los Angeles for the Tesla Model 3 unveiling. I had heard wonderful things about the car, but naturally wanted to test it out for myself and compare it to the Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Volkswagen e-Up!, Renault Zoe & Twizy, etc. […]

May 18th