Review of Tesmanian Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

Tesmanian is more than a Tesla news blog owned by Tesla owner and shareholder Vincent. Vincent creates products for Tesla owners to enhance their ownership experience. YouTuber Erik, also known as “Tesla Inventory,” has tested out some Tesmanian products: floor mats, organization, sunshade, and the cooler. This is his review of the Tesmanian floor mats for Tesla.

Erik excitedly shares that Tesmanian made mats for the frunk, trunk, and interior. The first mat he pulls out is the second-row mat. He quickly places the mat on the floor of the second row and, as it easily fits, he says, “Like a glove.”

Erik’s advice for installing the floor mats, for those who may be doing so for the first time, is to give them a day in the sun while in your car so they can flatten back out (since they come rolled up).

What he was most excited about was the mat for the rear cargo area. The mat, as demonstrated in the video, leaves room to pull the flap up to access the rear trunk space. The way this mat is made makes it more flexible. This is great for raising the lid of the rear trunk up while keeping the mat in place. He also shares that the texture is perfect for preventing things from sliding around and is excited about putting the dogs in their car.Β 

Erik also received Tesmanian organizers that create flexible storage space for groceries, and he’s testing the sunshade on the roof, which will help prevent the sun from making the car too hot. Erik also reviewed the Tesmanian cooler, which fits perfectly in the frunk.

After two weeks of using Tesmanian’s mats, Erik said they were some of the best fitting floor mats that he’s ever used. He also loved how easy to clean the floor mats were, and his main praise was for how perfectly they fit into his Model Y.Β 

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