Electric Car “Disadvantages” Busted

chevy spark evElectric cars are still in a baby stage of their development. Their future will see them explode in use and variety. However, even at this point in time, numerous electric car myths have soundly been stomped to oblivion by the likes of EV leader Tesla as well as major car companies. A reader recently dropped the list below in a comment on one of our posts that was reposted over on CleanTechnica. Have a look (note: the list has been slightly modified for this post).

Electric Car Myths And Who Disproved Them

tesla model s white

  • Electric cars can’t be cool — Elon Musk / Tesla disproved
  • Electric cars can’t drive long distances — Elon Musk / Tesla disproved
  • Electric cars can’t compete with gasmobiles on speed, luxury, performance, and safety – Elon Musk / Tesla disproved
  • Electric cars take too long to refill — Elon Musk / Tesla disproved
  • Electric cars will always be too expensive — Nissan and Chevrolet have already shown us this is wrong

Quoting that reader one more time, “Pretty much every argument is gone. It’s funny to watch the ICE people argue in vain.”

Good stuff. And more to come….

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