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California May Shift EV Subsidies To Point Of Sale Rebates

California is about to begin testing a new “point of sale” clean vehicle rebate plan in San Diego. Under the present rules, people who purchase a qualifying EV can get a check back from the state for up to $7,000, depending on their income level. California started indexing its rebate program to income level a few years ago to avoid the charge that the incentives the state was offering were mostly benefiting wealthy tech tycoons and Hollywood stars replacing their Porsches with Teslas. The state is much more interested in encouraging low-income families to give up their inefficient and pollution-belching commuter cars and drive a low- or zero-emissions (and far safer) car instead.

May 22nd

London Flies Into EV Fast Charging Scheme

Fastned is well on its way to becoming one of the largest electric car charging networks in Europe. Last week, it announced it was working with German authorities to construct a fast charging network in that country. Now, Fastned says it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Transport For London to do the same […]

April 28th

Daimler Throws Torque Into Electric Vehicle Plans

Daimler is now working to accelerate its electric vehicle program, partly as a result of its failure to cut total fleet emissions in Europe last year (for the first time since 2007). The company has put forward the claim that the inability to slash fleet emissions in Europe last year was the result of the […]

March 31st

City Of Porterville (California) Going Fully Electric (For Transit)

The City of Porterville in California has entered into a sales contract with GreenPower Motor Company for the purchase of 10 EV350 40-foot zero-emission, all-electric, transit buses. The purchase will see all 9 of Porterville Transit’s routes go fully electric. Accompanying the purchase, 11 charging stations are to be installed at the transit service’s maintenance […]

March 12th

Ontario, Canada, Lifts EV Rebate Price Cap

The province of Ontario in Canada has lifted the purchase price cap on its electric vehicle rebate program, according to recent reports. What this means in practice is that those buying relatively expensive electric vehicles (Tesla Model S, Model X, etc.) will now have access to a larger rebate than they did previously.

February 10th

The Carbon Bubble Is Totally Insane

Originally published on CleanTechnica. As the cleantech transition speeds up, many of us are jumping for joy. Trump may be king of tweetland, but he and his oil & gas buddies can’t stop renewables or electric robotaxis. They know that. Their goals are pretty clear, though: pump up the carbon bubble as much as possible, stuff […]

January 31st

Donald Trump Reportedly Owns A Tesla

Owing to some recent comments that I heard concerning President-Elect Donald Trump possibly coming down hard on Tesla Motors once he takes office, I figured it was worth posting a note here … Trump apparently owns a Tesla (amongst a great many other cars, no doubt). That assertion stems from the fact that his campaign told the […]

December 31st

China Electric Car Sales Set New Global Monthly Record

This article is also being published on CleanTechnica, the EV Sales blogspot, and our Electric Car Sales page. The Chinese market had a record 43,441 new electric cars zooming the streets in November, up 36% over last October and 56% year over year (YoY), pulling the plug-in market share to a record 1.4%, above the […]

December 22nd