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Electric Vehicle Revolution & Tesla Shuttles Come To Germany & Poland

CleanTechnica’s next Cleantech Revolution Tour is approaching, and it is packed with EV and clean energy leaders from around Europe who are intent on easing the way into a brighter future. Starting in Berlin (Germany) on June 27 (special networking activities), continuing on June 28 in Berlin (panel discussions and presentations), offering shuttle rides from Berlin to […]

May 30th

APWorks Reveals “Light Rider” — 3D-Printed Electric Bike

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The Airbus Group subsidiary APWorks has developed what it has presented as being the world’s first 3D-printed electric bicycle/motorcycle, according to recent reports. While the 3D-printed bike has been described by those involved as a motorcycle. As one can see, the design is somewhat spare — the bike reportedly only weighs 35 […]

May 24th

Riderless Electric Bike Prototype Designed By UK Startup

A riderless (semi-autonomous) electric bicycle prototype has reportedly been created by a crowdfunded London-based startup known as Sparky Automotive. Utilizing electronic gyroscope technology similar to the Segway, the riderless electric bicycle can apparently safely work its way through road junctions, traffic lights, and pedestrian crosswalks in a similar way to an autonomous car according to […]

March 22nd

Electric Vehicle Event In Berlin — EV Obsession A Partner!

As director of CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and Solar Love, I’ve decided to take these sites into the next realm by organizing events in North America and Europe. As with our written work, the aim is to: Disseminate more information about important cleantech matters many people can’t easily access elsewhere. Raise awareness about trends occurring under […]

March 8th

Electric Bikes, Buses, & Cars In Copenhagen (Video)

Originally published on Gas2. Following up on my intro for the “Electrifying Transport” panel at the recent Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum in Vancouver, Canada, his piece shares and summarizes the presentation given by Brian Hansen, Head of Department Citywide Strategies for the City of Copenhagen. While the panel was generally about the electrification of transportation, some of the panelists noted […]

August 25th

Heisenberg XF1 Electric Bike Utilizes BMW i Patent

The maker of the “greenest car” of 2014 has so much to offer to other electric vehicles as well. Presently, a BMW i patented technology powers its new e-bike. A recent press release by BMW Group announced that the inventive drive unit swing arm is going into production at the pedelec factory HNF Heisenberg. BMW has a longstanding […]

August 6th

Rimac’s Awesome Electric Bike, The Greyp G12 (Video)

Those that are wealthy and in the lookout for an electric bicycle may want to check out the Greyp G12 — a high-performance offering that can reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour (70 kilometers an hour). The bike is retailing for €6,500 ($7,200) currently. Interestingly, the bike (which we actually caught word of […]

July 16th

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that includes an electric motor. Okay, this article is done…. In all seriousness, there’s a lot of confusion regarding electric vehicle terminology. Furthermore, much of the public still isn’t aware of what an electric car is, and I think there’s some value in breaking down the various types of […]

May 31st

Sodium-Ion Battery Powers Proof-of-Concept Electric Bike

The rise in the popularity of electric bicycles cannot be understated, especially in places where congested roads or high gas prices make car ownership unaffordable for many. So while many automakers and technology companies are focusing on building big battery packs for electric vehicles, Britain’s Faradion went a different route, building an electric bicycle to […]

Bosch Opens eBike Headquarters In California

Some analysts have predicted that sales of electric bicycles, or eBikes for short, could hit the hundreds of millions in just a few short years. While much of the momentum will be driven by countries like China and India, the U.S. has a growing appetite for eBikes, especially high end models from manufacturers like Bosch. […]

January 26th

Energica Ego Embarks On “Where Is My Ego?” Tour

Originally posted on Gas2 The Energica Ego was first introduced to us back in 2011, and since then EV advocates have lusted after the Italian electric superbike.  American fans will finally get their chance to see and drive the Energica Ego as the electric motorcycle comes stateside with the “Where is my Ego?” tour. After touring […]

ContiTech Acquires Benchmark To Boost E-Bike Business

Electric bikes could become the world’s most popular transportation solution in the coming decade, and automakers know it, leading to a flurry of e-bike concepts in the past year. Automotive parts suppliers are also paying attention. Green Car Congress reports that with Germany’s Continential AG, or just ContiTech, acquiring e-bike drive maker Benchmark in a […]