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Electric Vehicle Revolution & Tesla Shuttles Come To Germany & Poland

CleanTechnica’s next Cleantech Revolution Tour is approaching, and it is packed with EV and clean energy leaders from around Europe who are intent on easing the way into a brighter future. Starting in Berlin (Germany) on June 27 (special networking activities), continuing on June 28 in Berlin (panel discussions and presentations), offering shuttle rides from Berlin to […]

May 30th

Tesla Software 8.0 Details, via Tesla Motors

Telsa’s rollout of software version 8.0 began last night, bringing with it the most “significant over-the-air overhaul of the Tesla touchscreen and introduces the biggest UI revamp since the launch of Model S,” according to an email Tesla Motors sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession. The update will introduce substantial changes to the way that […]

September 22nd

EV Charging App, Data, & Community via ChargeHub

Originally published on  The first few weeks one drives an EV, the world opens up. One adventure follows in the wake of the last. At common recharge points where you stop to give your car some juice, new (to you) parks and streets become new junctures in the routes that make up your daily routines. Naturally, you […]

July 21st

BMW Launches 3 Plug-In Hybrid 7 Series Options

BMW has continued its “semi-leadership” in electric vehicles this week. Despite a recent announcement that the company is shifting the BMW i program’s focus away from electric cars and into autonomous driving, it seems that it is holding up on its aim to electrify all of its models (announced as far back as 2013). If it […]

July 17th

EVEConnect For Tesla: Browser-Based App To Control Smart Home Features

The popular browser-based EVE for Tesla app has been expanded upon by the company, resulting in the creation of a new service dubbed “EVEConnect” — allowing for the control of various home “smart” systems (security, lighting, thermostat, door locks, etc.) all from within the Model S or Model X touchscreen console. The new service is […]

April 15th

Another EV Expert Presenting At CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN, Energy-Efficient Event Location, & Other Updates

Via CleanTechnica: We’ve got several notable updates regarding our first cleantech conference — CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN — to share with you. First of all, we now have: → a Facebook event page (share with friends!) → an event webpage (which we’ll continuously update) → an eventbrite page for registering (again, register, and share with friends!) … and a confirmed […]

March 25th

New CPO Search Application Created By Fan On TMC Forum

Those considering the purchase of a certified pre-owned Tesla Model S, or simply those interested in programming, may be interested to learn about a new search application being created by a commenter on the Tesla Motors Club forum. The new certified pre-owned (CPO) search tool — being created by “Skotty” — allows the application of […]

February 22nd

Tesla’s Summon Feature Now On Android App

This may be a bit late to be of real relevance to most owners, but it seems worth sharing in order to keep non-Tesla owners up to date on things — Android users have begun reporting that they’ve been able to use the new “Summon” feature via Tesla’s Android app. Users of the iPhone (and […]

February 4th

5 Hot Tesla Model X Videos

The Tesla Model X is definitely rolling out in force now. I keep seeing notes from people who saw their first one in person, and more and more videos are rolling out from early owners. I’ve pulled together a handful of Model X videos that I think are particularly worth a view. Check out the 5 […]

January 29th

Electric Car Features & Electric Car Classes Buyers Most Want

In our 7th article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — I’m jumping into some of the really juicy stuff — specific features people want, car classes people are interested in, and some specifics regarding batteries. We asked only the non-owners/lessees about required and desired features […]

January 29th

Tesla UK Updates

A “xborg” on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently attended the opening of Tesla’s Oxford Store. For the benefit of many more people, he also took notes based on Tesla UK country director Georg Ell’s presentation. You can view all of his public notes here, or read this article for what I consider to be the notable […]

January 28th

Faraday Future Concept Car Doesn’t Wow

We have been stalking Faraday Future since the early days — we’ve stayed on top of the rumors and weeded out the likely rumors from the unlikely — and the day has finally arrived. Faraday Future pulled the curtain back from the much anticipated first concept car tonight to let the world see the fruits […]

January 8th

11–13 Electric Cars To Light Up The Market In 2016

Between the electric car models that are just arriving on the US market and the ones that will likely hit the market by the end of 2016, we have an exciting year ahead. Below are 11 electric cars that I think will light up 2016 (or 13 if you count cars in a particular way). Tesla […]

January 2nd

PlugShare 101 (EV Obsession Video)

Ashley Horvat, VP of Strategic Initiatives at PlugShare, gave a 30-minute presentation at the EV Transportation & Technology Summit to explain PlugShare and also discuss the West Coast Electric Highway. PlugShare is the most popular charging station locator app/website in the world, and I’ve used it many times. Still, I learned a few things from Ashley’s presentation, so I […]

January 1st

Renault & Eneco Sign Agreement To Develop Smart Charging App For Use With ZOE EV

The auto-manufacturing giant Renault has signed a new agreement with the energy supplier Eneco that will see a new smart-charging smartphone app developed for use with the ZOE electric vehicle, according to recent reports. The new agreement was signed at the COP21 climate change talks in Paris on December 7th. ZOE owners/lessees will be given the ability […]

December 15th

Smart Home EV Chargers For Those With Solar Systems

Those with home solar photovoltaic systems that also own electric cars, and want to maximize their use of their systems, may want to take a look at some new “smart” chargers unveiled at the recent eCarTech conference in Munich, Germany. The two new smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers — one from the Slovenian company Etrel, […]

November 13th