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New Videos Show Off Design Of BMW i3

The BMW i3’s LifeDrive design architecture is detailed in a couple of interesting new promotional videos from the German company. Possibly worth watching — or, probably, if you’re a fan of the company and/or the i3. They’re very visually attractive videos, and the first to go into quite a bit of detail regarding what’s under […]

November 8th

Improved Tesla Android App Released

A new and improved Tesla android app is now available, giving the users the option now to receive various notifications (charging notifications, car alarm notifications, etc). That means that Android users that own a Tesla aren’t quite as far behind as the iOS users as they used to be. Hopefully this is a sign of things […]

November 2nd

Last Chance

As many of you know, I’m writing up a report based on four electric vehicle surveys we’ve been conducting. I’m getting close to writing up sections on the results, and am thus going to close the surveys soon. If you haven’t completed any of the applicable surveys yet, this is your “last chance.” I think I […]

October 14th

OhmConnect App Allows Users To Cut Smart Home Energy Use & Generate Income

A new app from OhmConnect known as “OhmHours” allows users to automatically lower energy consumption during peak hours via integration with various “smart home” devices, and get paid for it, according to an email recently sent to EV Obsession. One of the services that can be integrated with the app is electric vehicle charging. The app is compatible with […]

October 7th

Ford “Smartwatch” App Lets EV Owners Monitor Battery Remotely

Those who drive one of Ford’s electric vehicles and who also possess an interest in “smart watches” may be interested to hear that the company has developed a new app that allows owners to remotely control their car on a smart watch. To be more specific, users of the new app will be able to: check […]

September 27th

Quick Electric Car Survey

I’ve started writing an electric vehicle report based on the three EV surveys we conducted recently (especially this EV driver survey and this wannabe EV driver survey), but a few extra questions were suggested or came to mind that it seems are quite important to include. So, below is a quick survey to fill in these gaps. Before […]

September 20th

Chevy Bolt + Another Electric Car Headed To Europe

Via Gas2: News from the Frankfurt Motor Show from GM is that the highly anticipated, long-range and affordable Chevy Bolt will also be sold in Europe under the Opel brand. Surprisingly, though, the report is that there will be no right-hand drive model sold in the UK. Considering that the UK has become one of the largest […]

September 17th

Electric Vehicle Survey Reminder

If you, like me, are a “wannabe” EV owner, here’s one last reminder to complete the survey below. You can also click this link and complete it there. In either case, be sure to click “Done” when you complete it. Create your own user feedback survey For those eager for more information about this survey, the plan is […]

August 31st

Wannabe EV Owner/Lessee Survey!!

Our survey of electric car owners and lessees went very well, with 800 people completing the survey! A couple of years ago, I think we wouldn’t have gotten half that number. But now is time for the really big one — a survey of wannabe electric car owners/lessees! (If you don’t yet own or lease an electric car […]

August 21st

Campground EV Charging Survey

Hello, EV Obsession fans. We have an opportunity to genuinely improve the EV charging situation at campgrounds across the United States, and I hope you will help us do so. Below is a 10-question survey on campground EV charging matters. We will send the feedback to a very important, high-profile person in the US campground […]

August 16th

$499 For “World’s Most Advanced Home EV Charger”

ChargePoint is a definite leader in the EV charging world. Now, public and workplace EV charging leader is invading your home — or trying to, at least. ChargePoint is offering what a third party it deems to be the “world’s most advanced home EV charger,” simply named ChargePoint Home. The home EV charging stations (or […]

July 10th

Tesla’s Competitive Advantages — 5 Big Ones

Tesla has several big competitive advantages, imho. I’m going to discuss 5 below, but 3 tangible ones and 2 intangibles. [Full disclosure: I’m long TSLA… for obvious reasons.] Tesla’s huge competitive advantages, imho, are: 1) The battery supply chain it is building for itself (and maybe some friends) I thought it was obvious before, but […]

April 29th

50 Big Aspects Of The Evolving Electric Vehicle Market

Some good people at Urban Foresight, the International Energy Agency, the Electric Vehicles Initiative, and Clean Energy Ministerial have put together an “EV City Casebook” that I highly recommend checking out (it’s free). The focus of the casebook is a summary of “50 big ideas shaping the future of electric mobility.” We’ll be focusing on some (or many) […]

December 8th

New App Updates Tesla Supercharger Locations

In just over two years, Tesla Motors has gone from having literally just a handful of Supercharger stations in California to over 200 spread out across the world. Tesla is adding new Superchargers in China, Europe, and the U.S. everyday. It can be hard to keep track, which is why one Tesla fan went and […]

October 27th

2015 Kia Soul EV Price Unveiled

Kia recently jumpstarted enthusiasm about the 2015 Kia Soul EV with a new commercial featuring horny furry lab hamsters. Now it has gone a bit further (and in a more practical direction) with the unveiling of the 2015 Kia Soul EV price. About a year and a half ago, the estimate was that the price […]

September 11th

Nissan Wants To Expand Carwings Services

When the Nissan Leaf came out in 2010, it debuted with a smartphone service called Carwings. Among the features offered by Carwings was the ability to find nearby charging stations, see how far and efficiently you traveled, and check the charging status of your EV. But Nissan wants CarWings to go deeper. Like, a lot […]