Rayvolt UK: the Ultimate in Bespoke e-Bikes

UK’s leading provider of premium e-Bikes experiences steep growth in customization

More than a third of Cruzer models sold in the UK ordered with personalization

Everything from custom paint to bespoke engineering available

Concierge service to personalize your Ray Volt UK e-bike for the summer

From your choice of the perfect colour to a crocodile skin seat*, Rayvolt UK is now catering for discerning owners looking to customise their electric rides with its exclusive e-Bike bespoking service.

Highly stylised and instantly recognisable, the Rayvolt range is already an infinitely more sophisticated way of enjoying an e-Bike, but the growing trend for personalisation is allowing buyers’ imaginations to run wild and commission truly memorable machines.

Available across the entire range of Rayvolt UK bikes, from the laid-back Cruzer to the more aggressive Torino, no detail is too small or option too mundane when it comes to ensuring your electric ride really stands out.

“More than a third of our Cruzer models are delivered with some form of personalisation, but increasingly customers want a functional form of art,” explains Rayvolt UK’s Managing Director, Graham Kresfelder. “We make e-Bikes that are usable every day, but also reflect  an owner’s personality. We regularly match frame colour to a favourite car and incorporate customer-specific options.”

Looking good in the urbane jungle and on country lanes
With up to 50 miles of range and a top speed of 30mph**, Rayvolt’s models are already a beautiful alternative to the raft of staid and drab e-Bikes available, but you can attain a new level of style with the option Rayvolt UK’s bespoke services.

Frame options include an unlimited pallet of colours, as well as metallic and pearlescent, along with contrasting wheel guards. These can be augmented with a broad range of accessories incorporated into the bespoke service. This includes leather tool rolls, saddle and frame bags and battery bags, in a range of natural, man-made and weather-proof materials, which can be ordered with contrast stitching. All Rayvolt UK bikes come with retro-style powerful front and rear LED lights fitted.

More than skin deep, the customization even extends to the bike’s electronics, with a choice of powerful hub motors and battery packs for enhanced performance and range. All bikes feature fast charging with a full charge achievable at home in just 4-6 hours.

The personalized approach extends to the advanced technology that underpins Revolt UK’s e-bikes. Each bike’s performance characteristics can be configured via the free smartphone app and saved (not available on the Clubman or Beachin models). Controlling acceleration, regenerative braking and top speed, the app is easy to use, compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and part of the advanced technology that’s built into Rayvolt UK’s bikes.

The lightweight, high-quality batteries provide up to 50 miles using electric power alone, more with pedal input from the rider, and up to 1000** watts of power is available from a compact brushless 48V DC motor. The advanced intelligent regenerative braking optimises the battery’s range, and the intuitive thumb-controlled throttle** includes a motor cut-out when the brakes are activated, to ensure the bike remains easy to ride at all times.

The customization and bespoke service from Rayvolt UK is just part of its ‘white-glove’ service, which ensures that customers get the most from their e-Bikes. With all the work carried out in the UK,  including technical support, servicing and a range of lifestyle accessories, Rayvolt UK provides peace of mind for customer who want the certainty that they won’t be stranded with a bike that can’t be fixed.

The Rayvolt UK range of premium e-Bikes starts at £2500.

Not real crocodile skin, but an all-weather synthetic alternative

*Not real crocodile skin, but an all-weather synthetic alternative

** It is the owner’s responsibility to operate an e-bike within the limits of the law. Rayvolt UK encourages all its customers to recognise the relevant restrictions when using its products. The speed limit of 15.5mph should be observed when on UK roads, and the use of off-highway mode (allowing a top speed of 30mph and activating of the thumb throttle) should be restricted to use on private property and then only with the owner’s permission. The performance parameters of Rayvolt UK’s e-Bikes can only be altered via the free smartphone app, which offers the rider the peace of mind that they are operating the bike in a safe and responsible fashion.

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