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Alta Motors Redshift ST Concept May Enter Production

The Alta Motors Redshift ST Concept set to be showcased by the company at The One Moto Show is possibly slated to enter into production in the near future, according to some recent reports. Apparently, no final decision has been made on the matter, going by a company spokesperson’s response to a query from Autoblog, […]

January 30th

Insanely Quick Electric 3-Wheeler — Girfalco Azkarra

The Quebec-based electric vehicle startup Girfalco has now unveiled its high-performance 3-wheel electric vehicle, the Azkarra — providing us with a few surprises. The model is seemingly deserving of the moniker “high-performance” with its acceleration of 0 to ~62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds; its peak power of 225 kW (in the […]

December 2nd

Zero Motorcycles’ New 2017 Lineup Features 1st All-Electric Motorcycle To Possess 200+ Miles Of Range

Zero Motorcycles already offered some very impressive all-electric bikes, but the new 2017 lineup really takes thing to another place, going by what’s revealed in a new press release. The lineup features, amongst other things, the first production all-electric motorcycle to possess a single-charge range of more than 200 miles, upgraded powertrains with more torque, […]

November 15th

Yadea Z3 Electric Motorcycle Launches Worldwide

The Yadea Z3 electric motorcycle — an all-electric motorcycle with a ~75 mile range, and a starting price of only $3,388 — has been launched worldwide, according to a new press release from the company. The initial launch will penetrate 15 different markets (countries), but a wider rollout at a later date is possible. Initial markets […]

September 6th

APWorks Reveals “Light Rider” — 3D-Printed Electric Bike

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The Airbus Group subsidiary APWorks has developed what it has presented as being the world’s first 3D-printed electric bicycle/motorcycle, according to recent reports. While the 3D-printed bike has been described by those involved as a motorcycle. As one can see, the design is somewhat spare — the bike reportedly only weighs 35 […]

May 24th

EV Incentives By US State

Plug In America has a great electric car subsidies and incentives resource on its website, but I figure a lot of people are not aware of it. It’s actually a map, and as you hover over each state, you can see a summary of financial subsidies and other incentives offered in that state. It’s definitely worth […]

February 15th

Orlando’s Electric Fleet Leadership (EV Obsession Video)

David Dunn, Fleet and Facilities Division Manager for the City of Orlando, kicked off his EV Transportation & Technology Summit presentation by explaining that the City of Orlando has a deep sustainability focus, and an aim to adopt transformative technology as soon as it is practical to do so (i.e., doesn’t interfere with the needs of the client). These […]

December 31st

Mission Motorcycles Pulls the Plug, Files Ch. 7

The automotive and motorcycle industries are incredibly tough businesses. At one point, there were more than three hundred American car makers- and we’re down to just a handful, today, with more set to fail any time. Despite that, sometimes we have high hopes for transportation startups, and Mission Motorcycles was one of those. Sadly, it […]

October 27th

Mission Motorcycles CEO: Apple’s Poaching Of Engineers Contributed To Bankruptcy

In a rather interesting recent interview, the CEO of the Californian electric motorcycle company Mission Motorcycles placed some of the blame for the company’s recent troubles on Apple. The CEO stated that the tech giant’s poaching of its engineers contributed directly to the company’s decline and subsequent bankruptcy. The comments came during an interview with […]

October 24th

Wannabe EV Owner/Lessee Survey!!

Our survey of electric car owners and lessees went very well, with 800 people completing the survey! A couple of years ago, I think we wouldn’t have gotten half that number. But now is time for the really big one — a survey of wannabe electric car owners/lessees! (If you don’t yet own or lease an electric car […]

August 21st

Electric Motorcycle Companies Disrupting Like Tesla

Originally published on CleanTechnica. By Mike Barnard What is the fastest production motorcycle in the world? What bike beat every other motorcycle and most cars up Pike’s Peak in 2013? What motorcycle had massive brake and shock upgrades while getting almost $2,000 cheaper in the past two years? What motorcycle is cheapest to own and […]

August 7th

EV Owner & Lessee Survey

I’ve been long planning to do an EV owner and lessee survey like this, so I am super eager to see the results. (I’m going to have a hard time not watching them obsessively as they come in.) But the key, of course, is getting EV owners and lessees to complete the survey. If you drive […]

July 25th

Energica Ego Electric Superbike Now In Hollywood Electrics

The Italian-made Energica Ego electric sport-bike will now be available at the noted Californian retailer Hollywood Electrics, following a deal between the retailer and Energica Motor Company, according to a recent email sent to EV Obsession. For those that don’t know, the Energica Ego Superbike is (apparently) the only production electric sport-bike in the world […]

July 22nd