ALYI Welcomes Elon Musk And Tesla To Texas – Now How About Joining Us In Africa Too?

DALLASDec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI), an electric vehicle innovation company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, today welcomed Elon Musk and Tesla to Texas.

“What took you so long to get here?” asked ALYI CEO Randell Torno, and he added, “have you seen the EV opportunity in Africa, where you’re from?

The ALYI electric mobility ecosystem vision is centered around introducing an annual industry wide symposium in Kenya to bring commercial and academic resources together that combine design and engineering expertise to create an original electric mobility future, not one based on merely reengineering combustion engine transportation.

With low per capita transpiration saturation, Africa is the ideal location for pursuing an original electric mobility future.

In North America, electric vehicle adoption requires consumers to replace an existing mode of transportation while in Africa, consumers are more likely to be engaging a transportation solution for the first time.

The ALYI annual symposium centric electric mobility ecosystem vision is intended to be anchored by a globally recognized electric vehicle race event. ALYI recently announced a major multiparty milestone agreement and that agreement specifically pertains to the target electric vehicle race event.

To accelerate ALYI’s electric mobility ecosystem vision, ALYI has launched an electric motorcycle manufacturing initiative. The ALYI ReVolt Electric Motorcycle was conceived on the pilot electrification of a BMW R71 clone.

ALYI To Take ReVolt Electric Motorcycle Pre-Orders With Cryptocurrency

Since the original pilot motorcycle, the ALYI design team has introduce two additional design paths.

First, the company will produce an electric sleek retro style BMW R71 clone ( and a conversion kit for do-it-yourselfers to electrify their own BMW R71 or R71 clone.

ALYI’s second design path leads to an electric motorcycle to be produced immediately to specifically support an Uber and Lyft type transportation solution evolving the African motorcycle taxi (Boda) market.

ALYI’s design team has now launched a third design path to develop a paradigm changing, state-of-the-art electric motorcycle. Look for more news soon on the third design path.

ALYI’s funding partner, RevoltTOKEN ( has committed to funding ALYI’s electric mobility ecosystem vision through independently launching an Initial Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO) to raise $100 million. RevoltTOKEN has already created a token (see RevoltTOKEN website) and plans to immediately make the token available through an ICO once finalizing all regulatory prerequisites. In the meantime, RevoltTOKEN continues to make pre-ICO funds available for ALYI to continue advancing its business plan.

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