Saietta Ready for the End of the ICE Age: The UK Announces 2030 Petrol & Diesel Ban

  • Saietta Group already ahead of UK’s EV development for 2030 deadline
  • Low-cost, high-torque modular electric motors already in production in Oxfordshire
  • UK government urged to step up with the investment the EV tech industry needs
  • Four wheel, final-mile delivery vehicle to be unveiled soon
  • Full suite of media content available: including interview with Saietta CEO, footage of the firm’s EV tech in action 

Saietta, a UK tech company that has developed a proprietary new electric motor for all forms of transport, is ready for the end of the ‘ICE Age’ as the UK government announces a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2030.

The Oxfordshire-based firm is ready for the ‘EV Era’, with full-scale production of its highly efficient motors at its UK facility, and will be looking to recruit 250 new workers at a new facility to meet the demand this new legislation brings.

Having just won a major research contract through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), Saietta will fast-track the production process for its innovative Axial Flux Traction (AFT) electric motor and is now planning how it can help the UK gear up for the switch to pure EVs (electric vehicles). With a number of key projects in progress, the company is developing technology for global markets as well as the UK. As part of this, Saietta will shortly announce a partnership that’s developing a four-wheel, final-mile delivery vehicle designed for use in urban environments.

Wicher Kist, Chief Executive Officer Saietta Group, said: “We are ready for the future of transportation by stepping in with modern, lightweight electric motors as traditional internal combustion engines fuelled by petrol and diesel reach the end of the road.

The radical new motors Saietta makes are highly efficient, lightweight, affordable and can power a range of broad range of EVs with sufficient range for day-to-day use. Saietta has been identified a leader in its field and, thanks to government support, is already working on mass production with manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers. With a development plan in place, the company is extending its range of motors to cover everything from scooters to buses as well as marine applications and wind turbines.

“Kist continues: ‘There can be no doubt, global warming has ended the ‘ICE Age’ and the ‘EV Era’ has begun. We have engineered the right product, at the right price that is suitable for mass-market vehicles around the world.

“However, if the 2030 target is to be met, key decisions on future investment will need to be made quickly so companies like ours realize our full potential. That means more funding from UK government – and quickly.”

Along with the production of motors and the licensing of technology, Saietta Group is also able to provide integration services, durability testing and product development that will fast track the development of EVs for the UK and the rest of the world.

Saietta’s proprietary AFT electric motor technology is already in production from its factory in Oxfordshire, UK.

Images courtesy of Saietta’

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