Irony Department: EV laggard Australia Supplies Much of Tesla’s Lithium & Nickel

Originally posted on EVANNEX by: Charles Morris Among the world’s wealthy countries, Australia is one of the least EV-friendly. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s 2019 comments that characterized EVs as a threat to Australians’ way of life seem to […]

New Video Offers an In-Depth Look at Tesla Energy

Originally posted on EVANNEX by Charles Morris There’s an intimate connection between electric vehicles and renewable energy, and that connection—both literally and symbolically—runs directly through the electrical grid. Intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind need grid-connected […]

Xpeng & NIO (& Tesla) China’s EV Showdown: Tesla Rivalry with NIO & Xpeng

Originally posted on EVANNEX By Matt Pressman Can Tesla compete with fast-growing EV companies locally in the all-important Chinese market? According to the South China Morning Post, “Chinese rivals NIO and Xpeng both recorded a five-fold surge in sales in […]

Calculating Tesla Model 3 Range Loss Through a Cold Winter Night [Video]

Originally posted on EVANNEX By Iqtidar Ali As the holiday season is here, cold weather is striking different parts of North America with copious amounts of ice, snow, and wind. A Tesla Model 3 owner from Saskatoon, Canada […]

This holiday season, New York City residents are spotting the new Tesla Model 3 taxi [Video]

Originally posted on EVANNEX. By Iqtidar Ali Roaming the streets of New York City, residents are spotting the classic yellow cab this holiday season — but this time it’s an all-electric Tesla Model 3. It turns out that the City of New […]

Elon Musk recommends asking 4 simple questions to achieve breakthrough innovation

by Matt Pressman The Wall Street Journal spent some time recently with Elon Musk. What transpired turned out to be a surprising (and often fascinating) interview. That said, most post-interview buzz only highlighted one thing: Elon’s move from California to Texas. Big news, granted, […]

An Automaker is Born—the Early Days of Tesla [new book excerpt] (Video)

by Charles Morris This article is an excerpt from the new book, Tesla: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Remade the Automotive and Energy Industries, by Charles Morris.  It sometimes happens that a symbolic event […]