Tesla Hits 200,000th Delivery In July, Marking the Beginning of the End of the Federal Tax Credit

Tesla has confirmed on its website that it has officially delivered its 200,000th vehicle. The confirmation came as Tesla updated its website listing out the incentives for its vehicles, but other reporters — constantly eager for […]

500 Electric Trash Trucks To Roll Out In Shenzhen (China), 200 In Indaiatuba (Brazil)

Originally published on CleanTechnica and on CleanTechnica. 500 Electric Trash Trucks For Shenzhen When BYD moves, the world listens, so when the behemoth new energy company stepped into electric trucks in 2012, it was big news. That […]

The Truth About Tesla Battery Lifespan: An Owner Data Analysis

The largest single chunk of the cost of a Tesla is the battery, which also poses a single point of failure risk for Tesla owners. Buyers are typically not worried about an event-based failure, even though fires could certainly be a concern, but rather about the degradation of the battery over the life of the vehicle. With EV drivetrains expected to last much longer than their fossil fuel–fired counterparts, the life expectancy of the battery becomes a looming maintenance expense waiting to hit and has everyone asking, “How long will it last?”

Hands-On: 24 Hours With A 2017 Chevy Bolt (CleanTechnica Review)

Many electric vehicle designers felt the need to stand out, to create a design that flies a bold flag to everyone around that proclaims “I’m modern and different!” While this is great for individuals or businesses looking to make a bold proclamation, most people are looking for a car that looks normal, that drives like a normal car with cool features inside that make day-to-day life just a little bit easier.

Custom Electric Lotus Evora “Blue Lightning” Hints At The Future Of Performance EVs

The team over at On Point Dyno — led by Sacha Anis — has built a custom fully electric Lotus Evora dubbed Blue Lightning that is powered by the drive unit from a Tesla Model S 85 and a 32 kWh battery pack from a Chevy Volt.

Dutch Passenger Transport Company Hermes Surpasses 1,000,000 All-Electric Kilometers

Electric bus company VDL sent its congratulations to Dutch passenger transport company Hermes for passing the 1,000,000 kilometer milestone with 43 VDL Citeas electric buses it has been operating in the Southeast Brabant concession.

BYD’s Electric Garbage Truck Could Save $13,000 Per Year In Reduced Fuel & Maintenance Costs

BYD announced a new electric long-range class 8 refuse truck at the ACT Expo in Long Beach this week that is estimated to save operators more than $13,000 per year in fuel and maintenance when compared to a diesel-based refuse truck.