BYD’s Electric Garbage Truck Could Save $13,000 Per Year In Reduced Fuel & Maintenance Costs

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BYD announced a new electric long-range class 8 refuse truck at the ACT Expo in Long Beach this week that is estimated to save operators more than $13,000 per year in fuel and maintenance when compared to a diesel-based refuse truck.

Read that again. $10,000 per year in savings just by driving a different vehicle. It also comes with a hefty improvement in maintenance costs with another $3,000 saved on maintenance per year. This is a result of the reduction in parts required to move the vehicle around coming from the simplified electric drivetrain. Regenerative brakes support this by reducing the wear and tear on pads and rotors.

The new vehicle builds on the electric BYD trucks that were launched last year and represents the start of a flood of purpose-built electric trucks coming from BYD. The trucks make use of BYD’s proprietary iron phosphate battery technology, which is built to last longer but at the cost of a slightly heavier pack than more traditional 18650 lithium ion cell-based packs.

refuse truck

The new 10-ton payload trash truck can achieve 76 miles per charge with minimal battery degradation. These trucks are some of the first to roll off of the new production lines at BYD’s recently expanded Lancaster, California, Bus and Coach Factory. It complies with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) to ensure maximum adoption in the North American Market.

Low speed, high torque vehicles with lots of starts and stops throughout the day, like mail delivery vehicles, parcel delivery vehicles, city buses, and refuse trucks with relatively predictable routes or fixed zones of operation, represent prime targets for electrification, as the vehicles can be purpose-built with en-route charging or perfectly sized batteries to maximize the financial returns for operators. Seeing BYD move into these spaces with intention is exciting and bodes well for increased fleet adoption in the North American market.

While it comes with a compelling set of figures, it is sure to be an uphill fight for BYD to move in on trash haulers with a new set of gear that’s going to have a higher cost up front. Educating operators about the fundamentals of electric vehicles, charging systems, new maintenance best practices and schedules are just a few of the real world challenges the team is faced with. But BYD continues to move forward. The silent giant in the world of plug-in vehicles doesn’t listen to the doubters, but it does keep taking orders and with each new order, continues to widen its lead as the top-selling plug-in vehicle manufacturer in the world.

The full specs on the new vehicle are below. Let us know what you think about this new entry down in the comments.

refuse truck

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