BMW i3 One-Year Review (Video)

BMW BLOG is what it sounds like — a blog all about BMW. Apparently, it has 7 writers, and the shocking thing I just learned is that 5 of the 7 now have a BMW i3 (note that they all buy their own cars). In a one-year review of his BMW i3, one of these owners provided a 10-minute review on YouTube. Check it out below.

I’m still shocked that 5 out of the 7 writers have an i3, and am super happy to hear from this BMW lover that the i3 is a blast to drive, is super convenient for in-town driving, and he and his wife would definitely buy it again.

The biggest downside I’ve heard about the i3 is that it doesn’t feel very sturdy on the Interstate driving 65 mph or more with a crosswind. This owner reiterates that, but follows it with that statement that they would without a doubt buy the car again.

One of the most interesting notes I’ve heard about the i3 is how the regenerative braking varies 1) when the battery is full, 2) when it’s particularly cold outside, and 3) after hitting a pothole or bump. Definitely things to be aware of, and I’m curious to driving the i3 for an extended period of time and check that out.

As this owner notes, they drove their i3 over 12,000 miles in 12 months. That’s basically the same as the US national average, hinting again at the idea that an i3 (or any other electric car) can accomplish normal driving needs fine.

Unfortunately, it’s not cool hearing that the i3 can lose so much range (he guessed 35–40% of the rated range) in the cold. Yet another reason to live in a temperate or subtropical climate. 😀

Of course, it’s great to hear about the wonderful experience of one-pedal driving, and the convenience of home charging.


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