Detailed Tesla Model X Walkthrough Videos

Tesla Model X Signature Series reservation holder #303 (with Vin #731) received his blue Model X on December 31, 2015. He generously took the time to walk through various details of the X in videos he published on YouTube. The videos are embedded below, with just a few notes regarding highlights.

The way the doors don’t have hinges and can be left in basically any spot you like has already gotten great reviews. As I think we all know, there are times with normal, hinged doors when the door won’t easily stay open in just the spot you want — instead moving toward one of a few places it likes to rest as soon as you take your hand off of it. Tesla has apparently come up with a solution to avoid such annoyances.

It’s hard to sense the difference facing the sun with the tinting vs the part below with lack of tinting, but his commentary is helpful, and it’s the first I’ve seen someone show in detail how the sun visor works.

One thing some people were struggling with was how to close the console after opening it. As Hee shows, you just have to push it up/open a bit more, and then it automatically closes. (Clearly, Tesla/Elon is fond of having things automatically open and close.)

The third-row seats are clearly full sized, but the window is tiny and the headroom is not as great in the other rows, so it would likely be preferred by those who like cozy spaces more than open views.

I definitely like the 6-seat version after watching these videos. It looks very easy to go back and forth through the rows, and to jump into the 3rd row from outside without putting the seats forward, especially thanks to the high falcon-wing doors.

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