Hungarian Turbometal Team Takes Tesla P85D To Test Track

Apparently, there’s a popular media outlet in Hungary called Turbometal Motorblog. Apparently, the dudes behind it like to have fun. Apparently, someone handed them a Tesla Model S P85D for a few days to have such fun. The video they produced is brilliant, so I’m popping it in below. First, though, an intro from “mrdoubleb” of the Tesla Motors Club forum (also Hungarian) is worth a quick read:

Some of my crazier fellow countrymen (who run the car/motoring blog Turbometal Motorblog) got a P85D for a day and made the sweet little video below (subtitled in English).

Mind you, Teslas are not officially sold in Hungary, so they [borrowed] it from one of the few dozen people who imported it privately. Also, their video is made in a 70s-80s style — not just the coloring, but the clothes and most other cars in it too. This gives it a funny time travel feel as if you took a P85D back 30 years.

OK, now on to the video…

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