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Hungarian Turbometal Team Takes Tesla P85D To Test Track

Apparently, there’s a popular media outlet in Hungary called Turbometal Motorblog. Apparently, the dudes behind it like to have fun. Apparently, someone handed them a Tesla Model S P85D for a few days to have such fun. The video they produced is brilliant, so I’m popping it in below. First, though, an intro from “mrdoubleb” of the Tesla […]

January 3rd

Tesla P85D Ludicrous Mode Upgrade To Run $7,500?

Owners of the Tesla Model S P85D who want to upgrade their ride to have “Ludicrous Mode” enabled are now able to place preorders for the process, according to recent reports. As it stands, these preorders are currently running at $7,500 a pop — with the hardware upgrade cost being set at $5,000 and the labor costs […]

September 29th

Tesla CTO JB Straubel Responds To (Trolls?) Tesla Horsepower Critics

A hot issue of complaint with a number of Tesla P85D customers over the past several months or so has been what they deem to be an inflated horsepower figure. Part of this is that the horsepower figure of the P85D is much higher than some other Tesla vehicles (like the P85+ that many owners upgraded from) while […]

September 22nd

BMW i3 & Tesla P85Ds Headed To LADWP (Pictures)

Via CleanTechnica: As I shared earlier today, following a post over on Gas2, the city of Los Angeles took National Drive Electric Week as an opportunity to share that it just acquired 288 fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars — 160 and 128, respectively. But we didn’t have pics at the time. Thanks to BMW […]

September 14th

288 Electrified Vehicles For Los Angeles Fleet!

Via Gas2: By Steve Hanley Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on September 11 that the city will lease 160 electric cars for use by the city’s police, fire, and general services departments and the Department of Water and Power. Garcetti said the move will give LA the largest pure EV fleet in the nation, according to the […]

September 14th

Tesla Owners Did Some Serious Upgrading

Following every post in the Tesla Motors Club forum, there’s a lot of stuff that simply isn’t interesting (as is the case with any product forum). But it’s well worth it for all of the interesting gems I find there (and as a potential future Tesla owner and a current Tesla investor). One of the […]

August 31st

Consumer Reports Rating System “Broken” By Tesla Model S P85D

Originally published on Gas2. The Tesla Model S is no stranger to records, and its top-of-the-line version until a better battery and Ludicrous mode recently came along was the P85D. After testing and loving a simpler Model S for years, Consumer Reports upgraded to a P85D. The result? The electric supercar broke Consumer Reports’ rating system […]

August 27th

Quick Summary Video of Tesla Model S P85D

Utilizing the power of listicles, Kevin Michaluk has created an “11 Awesome Features” of the Tesla Model S P85D video. It’s nothing new for Tesla fanbois and stalkers, but it’s an excellent, quick summary of the key features of a Tesla Model S P85D, many of which apply to other Tesla Model S options and even […]

August 10th

Tesla P90D Ludicrous Videos Coming Soon…

Originally published on Gas2. We’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting… and looks like we won’t have to wait much longer. An Illinois resident noted yesterday that his Tesla Model S P90D (with the Ludicrous option… of course) is now “in transit.” Of course, others on the Tesla Motors Club forum (where he announced it) quickly requested that […]

August 10th