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Tesla In Talks With Another Manufacturer To Share Superchargers

Via Gas2: Electric cars would be more attractive to prospective buyers if charging stations were more ubiquitous, and Tesla understands that, hence its construction of the Supercharger network. The Superchargers, which charge way faster than other chargers, are for Tesla cars. However, Tesla has said it is open to the idea of sharing the Superchargers with cars of […]

September 26th

Tesla Supercharger Use Increases 5x In One Year

Via Gas2: Tesla Motors has been rapidly installing its Superchargers across the United States, and it is clearly bent on covering the whole country, but how often do people actually use them? I don’t know how often people actually use them. However, Tesla announced that usage rates for road trips exploded by a factor of 5 since last summer. […]

September 16th

The Tesla P85D Just Got Even More Insane

The Tesla P85D stunned many last year with its neck-breaking acceleration and improved top speed. The spacious car has now gotten a firmware update which improves its 0-60 MPH acceleration time to 3.1 seconds, and increases its top speed to 155 MPH. 3.1 seconds is just a little higher than the McLaren MP4-12C supercar. The MP4-12C’s […]

April 22nd

Hanergy & AMR To Further Solar Car Development

Aston Martin Racing and Hanergy, a solar energy company, have renewed their partnership to further the development of the Aston Martin Vantage GTE race car. Under this UK partnership, the two companies will improve both the Aston Martin GTE’s performance using solar panels affixed to its roof and Hanergy’s automotive solar technology. The thought of using solar panels […]

April 15th

QUANT F Electric Sports Car To Be Presented At The Geneva Show

The R&D company nanoFLOWCELL will present its new flow battery-powered electric vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show, which commences in March. The QUANT F is the successor of the QUANT E, which was the very first TÜV-approved flow cell-powered electric vehicle (EV). The QUANT F’s flow battery system (also called the nanoFLOWCELL) enables it to travel an […]

February 16th

6 Nissan Leafs Power Office Building In Japan

You may have heard of the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) concept in which electric vehicles can supply their battery power to electricity grids during peak hours and other electricity shortages. Nissan recently decided to apply a somewhat similar concept to the Nissan Advanced Technology Center in Atsugi City, Japan. The company calls it “Vehicle-to-Building.” During peak hours, when electricity […]

December 12th

Infographic: Which Electric Cars Are Most Popular On Social Media?

Social media activity related to certain electric vehicles on the market was recently gathered by researchers. I wasn’t surprised to see a high-end performance/luxury car get the highest number of social media mentions. That would be the Tesla Model S, at 49,967 mentions in the study period. The BMW i3 received the second-most positive sentiment (38%). […]

October 12th

EV Chargers From NYC Payphones

Payphones in New York City are of course losing popularity, as cellphones have become terribly common. Some payphones have already been repurposed as advertising billboards. The Atlantic Cities has an even better idea — convert New York City’s payphones into electric vehicle charging stations. The payphones may not be conveniently situated in parking spaces. However, to […]

September 25th

Chevy Spark EV Kicks Chevy Spark Gas Ass, Consumer Reports Finds

The Chevy Spark EV is a compact electric vehicle with some very unusual characteristics (in a good way). 1. The Chevy Spark EV can recharge in as little as 20 minutes using a special charging accessory. 2. The Chevy Spark EV generates 400 pound-feet of torque (causing brisk acceleration), and 130 horsepower! Electric motors have the […]

July 23rd