Mitsubishi Debuts XR-PHEV Concept At LA Auto Show

Mitsubishi debuted the new XR-PHEV concept car at the 2014 LA Auto Show. It is a two-door compact crossover equipped with a 295 HP (combined) powertrain that can take it 53 miles on electricity alone, or further with the assistance of the 3-cylinder, 134 BHP gas engine.


3 cylinders is below average. However, the horsepower is on par with the average, and that is what matters. The 161 BHP electric motor augments the vehicle’s overall power to 295 HP.

The Mitsubishi XR-PHEV achieves a decent 65 MPGe. That beats any conventional hybrid on the road. Of course, electric motors are always more efficient than gasoline engines.

There is another undermentioned quality, the 161 BP electric motor is powerful enough for normal driving in electric mode. Hybrids (including PHEVs) tend to have less powerful electric motors and an electric range of 30 miles (sometimes less). This means users can enjoy the efficiency of a fully electric vehicle (almost), and the long range of a hybrid.

To boost efficiency further, Mitsubishi implemented a system that helps drivers find the most efficient routes. According to its website:

While still in the very early stages of research and development, connected car technology as developed by Mitsubishi will have a significant impact on the way we utilize our vehicles, as well as how we interact with our cars through the Internet of Things.

By linking to a vehicle information network, the Concept XR-PHEV’s connected car system uploads real-time vehicle status information to the network while simultaneously downloading external data. Information received includes traffic within the vicinity, the status of the traffic signal ahead (currently red, yellow or green), and other information to help the driver operate their car more economically and efficiently than ever before.

There is a bonus feature as well! The XR-PHEV is equipped with several 100-volt AC power outlets capable of supplying up to 1,500 watts. If only this concept was a reality. Who knows, it may be one day.

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