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Infographic: Which Electric Cars Are Most Popular On Social Media?

Social media activity related to certain electric vehicles on the market was recently gathered by researchers. I wasn’t surprised to see a high-end performance/luxury car get the highest number of social media mentions. That would be the Tesla Model S, at 49,967 mentions in the study period. The BMW i3 received the second-most positive sentiment (38%). Unlike the Tesla Model S, the BMW i3 is intended for the masses, technically making it a bit more important. Plus, BMW is a popular brand.

The high number of mentions for the Tesla Model S can be partly attributed to the fact that it was the 2013 Motor Trend Car Of The Year, and Motor Trend is very well known. There were also multiple range controversies surrounding the Tesla Model S. Furthermore, the @huffingtonpost Twitter account had the greatest Twitter influence on its social network popularity.

Unfortunately, for the Honda Fit EV, there were only 54 social media mentions.


Cars In Order Of Mention Count

  1. 49, 967: Tesla Model S. (The largest influencer is @huffingtonpost).
  2. 6,261: Nissan Leaf. (The largest influencer is @Ashton5S0S).
  3. 1,448: BMW i3. (The largest influencer is @erechiste).
  4. Tesla Roadster: 297. (The largest influencer is @seth_leitman).
  5. 87: Toyota RAV4 EV. (The largest influencer is @realautoblog).
  6. 54: Honda Fit EV. (The largest influencer is @carconnection).

Cars In Order Of Positive Sentiment

  1. 39%: Tesla Model S.
  2. 38%: BMW i3.
  3. Nissan Leaf: 35%.
  4. 24%: Toyota RAV4 EV.
  5. 22%: Honda Fit EV.

Vehicle charging stations received more mentions on social media than half of the electric cars mentioned, at 1,077.

The social media mentions were on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.

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Nicholas has a keen interest in science and technology. He also loves writing and marketing. He is the founder of Kompulsa.


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