Tesla P85D Beats 650 Horsepower Mclaren In 0–150 KM/H Race

P85D vs McLaren

Another day, another drag-race featuring the Tesla P85D going head-to-head with a “supercar.” Since these races seem to be so popular with our readers — and also since CEO Elon Musk himself linked to the video via his Twitter account — it seems worth doing a quick recount of events here.

This drag race was put together by a Dutch magazine, and involved a McLaren 650 S going up against the P85D. Going up against, and losing, that is.

That driver doesn’t seem to be all that happy, does he?

Here’s an excerpt explaining the race from the magazine’s website (via a translation program):

Can an electric car like the Tesla Model S P85D chopped making a supercar such as the McLaren 650 S at a stoplight sprint? Yes! Werner Budding took the acid test and challenged a typical lease car driver with a Tesla to take on a brutal McLaren supercar like this.

The headline for the article is apparently “Ultimate stoplight sprint: Electric car makes mincemeat of supercar.”

A bit theatrical, but I like it. 🙂

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