Video: BMW i8 Races...Golf Kart? −

Video: BMW i8 Races…Golf Kart?

This past weekend in Cologne, Germany, the BMW International Open was held for golfers from around the world. Among the big stories out of the tournament was Fabrizio Zuccotti big win, and the hole-in-one by Englishman James Heath, which won him a brand new BMW i8.

Speaking of the BMW i8, several were on hand at the well-heeled event, and a group of golfers to together for a gentleman’s wager involving the hybrid supercar. Could a golf kart beat the Bimmer in a race across the fairway?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but suffice to say, things don’t turn out how you’d expect for the 362 horsepower hybrid. Maybe BMW should get into the golf kart business next?


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