Tesla Pulls 85 kWh Battery Option From US Design Studio

The 85 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack option has been removed from Tesla’s online design studio for US and Australian customers, following on a similar move made recently in Canada.

This now leaves the option of only a 70 kWh or a 90 kWh battery pack option — a simplification of offerings that makes a fair bit of sense now that the company is actively selling two different models rather than just one and 85 kWh isn’t very different from 90 kWh. (Honestly, it’s a switch we thought would be coming sooner).

Rumors have been going around that the company is likely to reveal a 100 kWh battery pack option sometime in the near future — so there’s the possibility that battery pack options will be expanded to include 3 distinct pack sizes again before long. Rumors are just rumors, though. At this point, we have no idea if there’s anything behind these.

Tesla design studio

(Tip of the hat to “ColinA” on the TMC forums for this.)

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