Check Out These Chicks Reacting To The Tesla P85D

On CleanTechnica this past week, a video of a bunch of dudes reacting to the wicked acceleration of the P85D got a lot of attention. It was fun to watch, but this one below of the reactions of two ladies (especially the newbie passenger) tops that one by a mile. Check it out:

The consistent things you see in video after video about P85D acceleration, or reaction after reaction, is that it is like riding a roller coaster, brings G force that makes your eyes water or your cheeks get pushed back or your head fly back, is guaranteed to bring a smile or laugh, is like nothing person after person has experienced in a car before.

Fun stuff. Thanks to Tesla for bringing the D to market.

h/t TMC

11 thoughts on “Check Out These Chicks Reacting To The Tesla P85D

    1. Little secret from a Tesla owner: the P is really kind of pointless — it’s a way for people with more money than sense to contribute wads of cash to Tesla’s R&D.

      The regular 85D is so impressive that nobody but extreme sports car owners even notices the improvement in the “P”, which is minimal.

      Of course, I realize most people can’t afford the standard 85D either. This is just a tip for the price-conscious.

      1. Aye. Can’t afford that one yet either, so I’m waiting for the Model III or the once-rumored pickup truck (‘Y”?)

  1. I’ve been thinking maybe I need some parental control settings in my Leaf for my teenage son. Good thing I can’t get a Tesla Model 3 until he’s off to college.

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