Tesla P85D Ludicrous Mode Upgrade To Run $7,500?

Owners of the Tesla Model S P85D who want to upgrade their ride to have “Ludicrous Mode” enabled are now able to place preorders for the process, according to recent reports.

As it stands, these preorders are currently running at $7,500 a pop — with the hardware upgrade cost being set at $5,000 and the labor costs being set at $2,500. Worth noting here is that new buyers of the Tesla Model S P90D will have to plop down $10,000 to upgrade their vehicle.

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The option for Model S P85D owners to upgrade is reportedly something of a “goodwill gesture” — hence the “low” price for the upgrade.

Given what a hit the “Insane Mode” of the Model S P85D has been with those that have a love of speed (and perhaps illegal drag racing as well), one can presume that the new Ludicrous Mode upgrade will be quite popular as well. After all, how many cars in the world can accelerate that fast? And, for that matter, how many of them are actual production vehicles and not simply concept cars? And, for that matter, how many don’t cost >$1 million?

All of the initial Model S P85D Ludicrous Mode upgrades will be done at Tesla’s Fremont facility — beginning sometime during the 4th quarter of this year, according to reports. The company’s online ordering page stated everything thusly:

“Customers are encouraged to pre-order the option. The pre-order will be registered in our system for logistic planning and priority listing once the deposit payment is transacted. The retrofit will be made available initially in Fremont to begin in the Q4 (4th quarter) time frame. Additional Service Center hubs for the retrofit will be rolled out shortly after. Please note that the preferred Service Center you selected may not be prioritized as one of the hubs. Customers have the option to change your retrofit location once the list of Retrofit Service Centers are announced.”

Despite my understanding of why the company chose to make a “Ludicrous Mode,” one can’t help but wonder how much further things can go than “Ludicrous.”

2 thoughts on “Tesla P85D Ludicrous Mode Upgrade To Run $7,500?

  1. How much further can they go? Three items immediately pop into my mind.
    0-100 mph at 1G.
    500 mile range at 80 mph.
    Better cooling so they can actually be used for racing.

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