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Tesla P85D Ludicrous Mode Upgrade To Run $7,500?

Owners of the Tesla Model S P85D who want to upgrade their ride to have “Ludicrous Mode” enabled are now able to place preorders for the process, according to recent reports. As it stands, these preorders are currently running at $7,500 a pop — with the hardware upgrade cost being set at $5,000 and the labor costs […]

September 29th

Tesla Tweets

I went over to the Tesla Motors twitter account last night to see if I had missed anything new over there. While scrolling through the tweets, I saw so many cool things that I wanted to share but didn’t think were each worth a full article that I decided to put together this quick little “Tesla Tweets” […]

September 25th

Tesla Ludicrous Mode Easter Egg Unlocked

Earlier this year, someone discovered a Lotus Esprit Submarine “Easter egg” hidden in the Model S firmware system (note that CEO & Product Architect Elon Musk bought the Lotus Esprit at auction for $1 million). Elon Musk subsequently tweeted that they’d hide a new Easter egg in the code that wouldn’t take so long to find. Here […]

September 15th

Tesla Referral Program Limit Lifted As Program Seems To Be Working

Via Gas2: Understanding and speculation regarding the purpose of the Tesla Model S referral program has been all over the place, but if you simply look at what Elon said in Tesla’s most recent conference call, it simply comes across as a test to see if such a program could replace Tesla stores and sales […]

September 4th

2nd Ludicrous Tesla P90D Reaction Video Surfaces

The first Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D reaction video we found on the interwebs was not of a great quality. I never would have shared it if it weren’t “the first.” This second reaction video is slightly better. Have a watch/listen: Testing Ludicrous mode, cant keep a cellphone straight 😉 A post shared by Saša Cvetojević […]

August 21st

Tesla P90D Ludicrous Reactions (3 Text + 1 Video)

Originally published on Gas2. People who can tell the difference between a car that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and one that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds are possibly a very special breed. Aside from the tiny difference of 0.3 seconds, when you’re accelerating that fast, your senses and awareness get […]

August 18th

Tesla P90D Ludicrous Videos Coming Soon…

Originally published on Gas2. We’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting… and looks like we won’t have to wait much longer. An Illinois resident noted yesterday that his Tesla Model S P90D (with the Ludicrous option… of course) is now “in transit.” Of course, others on the Tesla Motors Club forum (where he announced it) quickly requested that […]

August 10th

Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D Badge Will Be…

Almost immediately after the Ludicrous Tesla Model S announcement was made, people were wondering and asking what the short form of the car’s name should be (I’m going with Tesla Model S P90DL) and what the badge would look like. Jon Jivan quotes Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson as saying, “badges will be differentiated. P90D will simply be ‘P90D’ and the Ludicrous option will be […]

July 22nd