Owner: Tesla Model S P90D “Blows Away My Mercedes S65”

Rave reviews are nothing new when dealing with Tesla’s Model S sedan and Model X SUV. It seems like many owners and drivers consider the two electric vehicle models to be the best of their class, and certainly the best that they’ve ever driven.

New Tesla Model S

On that subject, a commentator on the Tesla Motors Club forum by the name of “JeffreyY” recently made a post comparing his (his wife’s actually) Tesla Model S P90D with his Mercedes S65. It’s a great comparison/review of the two so I’m going to report all of it here:

As an owner of 3 Mercedes AMG models previously, I have to say my wife’s new P90D is simply the most amazing car I’ve ever driven. The Model S in noise vibration and harshness is quieter, smoother, and a much more refined ride than even a bi-turbo v12 $200,000 S class.

The simple fact that the P90D has only one gear means no shifting and RPM changes and a feeling of zero wasted effort. Whereas the S65 with it’s big v12 seemed effortless and placid before, the P90D is just a generation ahead.

With full power and torque delivery from 0 mph, the way the P90D accelerates is out of this world and creates an incredibly elegant and refined experience. My 6 year old daughter’s comment during hard acceleration was “Dad it’s like the world is moving!” In launch mode (even with only Insane mode), my eyeballs felt liked the moved back in their sockets!

The sales and delivery experience here in Hawaii was simply amazing. My advisor Sam came out to the house 5 times with different variants of the S and X and was never pushy but always informative and unquestioningly helpful. We also had a great delivery experience with Daniel who came in on the weekend to deliver the car so we could enjoy it for the weekend.

It’s been a great experience driving the car of the future, and I’ve got at least 4 friends who have either bought or are in the process of buying a Tesla as a result. I’ll keep spreading the word, but I wanted to put out some kudos for the people of Tesla Hawaii that work so hard to make the customer experience great!

PS And oh, btw, we take delivery of a Model X 90D Sunday!

PPS Now if only Tesla would buy Solar City and release the new integrated products before I get my 2nd 11kVA solar approval, I’d be set!

PPPS Elon, your products are the best!

That’s a story that we’ve probably all heard many times now, since the Model S launched 4 or so years back. While comparisons can be made, the truth is that Tesla has changed the game in some ways, providing an almost revelatory experience for buyers.

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  1. For those with smaller budgets: While the sales, delivery and driving experience is certainly not the same, the smooth driver and strong acceleration feeling is also there with other “not just compliance” EVs. I tried a Tesla and a Leaf, after having reserved a Tesla Model 3. While sure you can’t compare Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf, they are both magnitudes ahead of any ICE car. They both provide that instant strong acceleration feeling (at different amplitudes, but both much stronger than any ICE at city speeds). I am now riding a Nissan Leaf, and enjoying every single mile, and looking forward for the Model 3, as pre-owned Model S prices have skyrocked here in Europe.

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