Jay Leno Admits Feeling Like An Idiot While Purchasing His Tesla Model S

Jay Leno TeslaJay Leno and Tesla Motors have a bit of history, so to speak, so it might be a bit humorous for some to hear that the former late night talk show host has gone ahead and purchased a new Tesla Model S P90D.

He apparently had to make a bit of an embarrassing phone call, though, in order to get the higher-performance electric vehicle (EV). Elon had given Jay his personal cell phone number back when it just had the Roadster on the market. Jay was considerate and never used it… until one day when he decided he wanted to go on a factory tour. He called Elon up… and it turned out Elon was in China and it was the middle of the night. As an apology for waking up Mr Elon, Jay said he’d buy a Model S P90D. Admittedly, he says, he was going to buy it anyway, but it made for a good apology and story.

To listen to this story in his own words, head on over to this CNBC video.

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