ClipperCreek Announces ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal — Lowest Priced Pedestal On Market

A new low-cost pedestal dubbed “the ProMountDuo” is now available from ClipperCreek, according to an email sent to EV Obsession this week. The new pedestal will apparently retail at $434 — well below most other options currently out there.

The new pedestal was designed for use with 1–2 Level 1 or Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station mounting options, thereby creating the option to provide power to 2 EVs at once from a single post.


The ProMountDuo pedestal features a galvanized and powder-coated steel body designed to last for years. It is accompanied by a 1-year warranty. The offering can be “paired with a ClipperCreek ACS-15, ACS-20, or LCS-20 for $813; the ACS-25 or LCS-25 for $903; and the popular HCS-40 for just $999.”

“Businesses can leverage the ProMountDuo to maximize their charging station infrastructure budget. Not only is the pedestal the most cost-effective on the market, but two units can be mounted on it, minimizing installation costs and allowing businesses to easily double the number of charging spaces offered. Once the customer has invested in the installation of the pedestal for one station, adding the second station will be very cost effective,” stated ClipperCreek Sales Manager Will Barrett.

“The ProMountDuo pedestal is compatible with the ClipperCreek ACS, HCS, and LCS product lines. Many businesses choose to have a mix of lower and higher power charging stations to match vehicle needs and maximize the number of charging spaces available while staying within their electrical infrastructure limitations.”


“ClipperCreek’s mission is to develop and promote Electric Vehicle adoption by designing superior value into every product we bring to market. There was a need for a more cost-effective, flexible, dual pedestal and we are proud to once again have engineered an advancement for the market,” stated Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek.

“At this time, the ProMountDuo can be paired with any combination of 10 different ClipperCreek charging stations, ranging from 120V to 240V charging at 12 to 48 Amps suitable for workplace, tenant, and fleet charging.”

Those interested in purchasing the pedestal can do so on the company’s website, or via its phone line (877-694-4194).

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