ClipperCreek Introduces New “Ruggedized” Version Of PMD-10 Universal Pedestal

The popular electric vehicle charging station manufacturer ClipperCreek has introduced a new ruggedized, 100% stainless steel version (PMD-10R) of its newest mounting solution, the PMD-10 Universal Pedestal, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EVObsession. […]

JuicePoints — eMotorWerks Program That Pays Drivers To Charge Their EVs

A new program dubbed “JuicePoints” was recently revealed by the charging solutions company eMotorWerks that’ll actually “pay” drivers for charging their electric vehicles at specific times, according to recent reports. The program allows existing JuiceBox Pro […]

ClipperCreek Announces ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal — Lowest Priced Pedestal On Market

A new low-cost pedestal dubbed “the ProMountDuo” is now available from ClipperCreek, according to an email sent to EV Obsession this week. The new pedestal will apparently retail at $434 — well below most other options […]

eMotorWerks Smart Grid EV Charging Platform Now Option For ClipperCreek Charging Stations

Use of the well regarded eMotorWerks JuiceNet platform for smart-grid EV (electric vehicle) charging will now be an option for those utilizing ClipperCreek’s EV charging stations, according to a recent email sent to EV Obsession. To […]