Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D Badge Will Be…

Almost immediately after the Ludicrous Tesla Model S announcement was made, people were wondering and asking what the short form of the car’s name should be (I’m going with Tesla Model S P90DL) and what the badge would look like.

Jon Jivan quotes Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson as saying, “badges will be differentiated. P90D will simply be ‘P90D’ and the Ludicrous option will be the same badge with an underline: ‘P90D.’”

That brings up another point of clarification, btw. From the initial press conference and blog post by Elon Musk, many of us were under the impression that P85D drivers could upgrade to Ludicrous mode, as well as P90D drivers. However, it is clear on Tesla’s website now that you have to have a P90D in order to get Ludicrous mode. And that is an add-on, of course.

Anyhow, we can all rest now that we’ve got all of that squared away.

2 thoughts on “Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D Badge Will Be…

  1. Owners with P85Ds can get ludicrous mode retrofitted without getting the new battery pack, per Elon’s statements on the press conference. The battery upgrade and ludicrous mode are different.

    “This option will cost $10k for new buyers. In appreciation of our
    existing P85D owners, the pack electronics upgrade needed for Ludicrous
    Mode will be offered for the next six months at only $5k plus
    installation labor. It is important to note that the battery pack size upgrade and the pack
    electronics upgrade are almost entirely independent. The first is about
    energy, which affects range, and the second is about power, which
    affects acceleration.” – Elon Musk

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