Tesla Model S P90D Traveling Through Beautiful Scotland (Video)

Fans of the Tesla Model S, and also the scenery and terrain of Scotland, may appreciate the beautiful video posted below. It’s a Tesla fan video showing a Tesla Model S P90D traversing various parts of England’s northern neighbor.

The video came to my attention through a comment by “ggnykk” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, who stated: “Came across this video on Youtube. Showing the beautiful scenery of Scotland and the Model S P90D. Feeling very serene and green after watching the video.”

Here’s the video:

The posting of that video was followed by another … apparently made by the same people who made the first. “ggnykk” set that up with: “It turn out that it was these kids that made the video above. And they made another video about their trip up to Scotland (shown below).”

Nice videos. While Tesla does make nice cars — the Model S P90D is, in particular, as the videographers highlight — I have to say that the scenery there is far better looking than even a P90D.

The two mix decently though. As noted in one of the comments on the forum discussion, an electric car seems somewhat less offensive in such an environment than a petrol one spewing emissions all along the trip … much less a diesel one.

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