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Shell Gas Stations In UK & Netherlands Will Add EV Charging Stalls

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to change your spots. Shell is doing a bit of that. Shell is not a name I think of at all in terms of clean air infrastructure. More often, I reflect on the problems of the oil company in places it should not be — rainforests, the Arctic, etc. Changing its spots, Shell is offering a new face with a clean air emphasis. Shell is planning a second choice in how it fuels up cars, and it is a good thing for once. Northern Europe will see the beginning of the change. Some Shell stations in UK and Netherlands will reportedly be adding EV charging stations later this year.

February 21st

Apple Was In Talks With McLaren, But Never Made A Bid

There were reports earlier this year that tech giant Apple was in discussions to possibly acquire the high-end UK car manufacturer McLaren. That went unconfirmed at the time. Now, following the recent forced removal of McLaren Technology Group head Ron Dennis (owing to a dispute over a Chinese takeover bid backed by Dennis, the rumors say), […]

November 22nd

UK’s Former Energy & Environment Advisor Calls For Rapid EV Rollout

A former Energy & Environment advisor for former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Stephen Heidari-Robinson, has called for a “massively ambitious industrial strategy for electric vehicles as soon as possible,” according to recent reports. The need for such an approach includes ubiquitous problems with deadly air pollution levels and carbon emissions in the UK, as well […]

October 21st

Fully Charged Takes A Fully Charged Electric Bike To The Streets Of London (Video)

Originally published on Bikocity. “Cycling along on a fantastic state-of-the-art, ebike. … Oh, Lord,” Robert Llewellyn exclaims. “Wow, that is amazing. Cause that is so easy now when I am peddling that slowly. Oh, there’s one of those red light things.” Ben Jaconelli joins Robert on the street: “It’s nice to stop you know because you can just […]

September 7th

POD Point Gets More Recognition For EV Charging Leadership

The UK-based electric vehicle changing point firm POD Point has been named as one of the finalists in the Lloyds Bank Business Awards — specifically being nominated for the Grichan Partnership Sustainable Business Award — according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession. The nomination is the only nominate related to electric vehicles […]

July 31st

POD Point Chargers Providing Free Home Charging Points With Nissan LEAF Purchases In UK

The electric vehicle charging solutions firm POD Point has identified itself as one of the suppliers of free home charging solutions to Nissan LEAF buyers in the UK making the purchase with finance, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EVObsession. The email states that this “reflects the continued success of this partnership and is another indication of […]

July 12th

Hyundai Reveals UK Prices For Hybrid & Electric Versions Of The Ioniq

Pricing information for the hybrid and all-electric versions of the Hyundai Ioniq in the UK market have now been revealed, showing that Hyundai is clearly taking the market seriously, as it will be undercutting the Toyota Prius by a notable margin. The hybrid version of the Hyundai Ioniq will apparently start at £19,995 and the […]

July 5th

London Taxi Company Looks To Export Its Iconic But Plug-In Hybrid Taxis

Technically, London Taxi Company isn’t a London or even a UK company — it’s owned by Chinese company Geely (which also owned Volvo). Without eliminating the iconic look of London’s taxis, which made me feel like I was in a different era when I visited London a few years ago, London Taxi Company has modernized them by inserting a […]

June 20th

10 EU Countries Have Breached National Emission Ceilings Directive Limits Since 2010 Compliance Deadline

Even following the passing of the 2010 deadline for compliance, 10 European Union countries have remained in breach of the individual air-pollutant emission limits established by the National Emission Ceilings Directive (2001/81/EC). That finding is based on preliminary data for 2014, and the final data for 2010 through 2013, compiled in the EEA’s new briefing “NEC Directive […]

June 18th

City Of London Cuts Hybrid Vehicle Privileges On June 24

As of June 24 hybrid vehicles will no longer be granted special privileges when operating within the city of London, according to recent reports. To be more specific, hybrid vehicle owners will now be forced to pay the fees (£11.50) that most other vehicle owners do when entering central London’s Congestion Charge zone during weekday […]

June 15th