High School Students Build Solar EV Charging Station

Originally published on Sustainnovate.
By Henry Lindon

Solar EV Charging Station Built By High School Students For Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Competition

A working solar electric vehicle charging station was recently built by a team of students at Mission Valley ROP/James Logan High School for entry into the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition in STEM. As voting in the competition is performed via social media, it seems worth giving the team a plug here (hardy har har…).

Interestingly, the school that built the electric vehicle (EV) charger is actually located only a few miles away from the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, California. Perhaps some of the students are angling for a job with the company?

As noted above, the team is now one of only 15 finalists in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition, so those looking to help the team out with a vote have a good chance of actually making a difference. (The voting is US only.)

In order to cast a vote, perform the following:

Post the above picture and add 2 hashtags

Add hashtags

A video detailing the team’s work can be found here.

(A credit here to Tesla Motors Club forum member “TeachEV” for sharing the news.)

One thought on “High School Students Build Solar EV Charging Station

  1. very nice but it’s a shame they used Lead Acid batteries for the storage in their solar system. A Tesla Powerwall would have been perfect. Lithium batteries from any other source would have also been good. Lead is the worst pollution in history. Just google it in popular science.

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