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Tesla CTO Presentation In Southern California

On October 10, Tesla CTO & co-founder JB Straubel gave a presentation at the Southern California Energy Summit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at that one, but JB’s presentation was posted online, so I decided to pull out some interesting slides. For Tesla fanatics, I’m not sure if anything will be new for you (perhaps the quote […]

October 21st

Asia Tesla Supercharger Maps Updated

Tesla Supercharger maps offer a spectrum of information ranging from representations of the corridors Tesla has now and the end-of-2014 & 2015 corridors that it plans to enable. Exact locations and timing may vary depending on when you check in. If one views the map now, looking at the end of 2014 and 2015, one realizes that Tesla is quickening […]

September 11th

Tesla / Elon Musk Townhall Meeting In Amsterdam (56-Minute Video)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel recently stopped into Amsterdam for a 1-hour townhall meeting with Tesla Model S owners and enthusiasts. A video of the meeting was recorded (natch) and is embedded above. Questions related to navigation, charging in Belgium, vehicle-to-grid technology and plans, song availability in Europe, solar + Tesla, and much […]

February 7th

Via Motors VTrux Gets Solar Tonneau Option, But So Many Questions…

Via Motors is is getting a lot of attention for its pioneering plans to bring a “mass market” electric truck to the show — VTrux. Now it’s getting even more attention for offering a solar tonneau to go with the VTrux. The truck may do very well. I’m not so sure about the solar tonneau, but […]

November 23rd

Honda & UC Davis Launch Smart Home Pilot Project

Right around the same time as Ford and KB Home teamed up to launch a smart home pilot project, Honda launched one of its own — Honda Smart Home US. Solar panels on the home in Davis, CA, will be used to charge a Honda Fit EV. From the construction on, the project is being […]

April 29th