Tesla Model X Deliveries & Faraday Future (Cleantech Talk #15)

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

Our latest episode of Cleantech Talk tackled the huge 5-year extension of the solar and wind energy tax credits, Tesla Model X deliveries, and Faraday Future.

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(This Cleantech Talk was a difficult one for me, as I was quite sick, but hopefully it didn’t hurt the conversation for listeners too badly.)


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Also, since we mentioned Jigar briefly in the podcast because of views he published on CleanTechnica about the tax credits a few years ago, it’s worth adding this new interview with Jigar. He apparently saw this extension as “the perfect deal.” Though, he did say, “I wish it would have phased down faster, and that’s what I was lobbying for, but the phase down was the key thing I fought for.” Nonetheless, Jigar’s overall take was that the extensions combined with the COP21 outcome are going to play a huge part in stimulating a trillion dollars of investment in renewable energy deployment over the next decade. The mass media’s understanding of this seems to be quite limited. “When I look at the coverage so far, it’s been very light. People think oh – you got another extension, which is great. This is literally fundamentally groundbreaking. I think people are missing how extraordinary this news really is.”

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And, regarding the last story of the podcast, you can learn a lot more about Faraday Future here:

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Check in soon for our next Cleantech Talk podcast.

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