Model X Hitting Tesla Showrooms In Austin Soon (Reportedly)

Tesla showrooms in Austin, Texas (and presumably elsewhere as well) are going to soon be receiving new show models of the Model X SUV, according to recent reports.

Of particular note in that regard was a recent comment made on the Tesla Motors Club forum by the commenter “ivengo” that noted that a sales rep at the Domain Tesla Store claimed that a Model X would be arriving within a few weeks.

Model X White

Here’s the comment/post in question:

I have called Tesla Store at Domain in Austin TX and the sales representative indicated that the headquarters told them that they would have Model X in the next couple of weeks by the holiday. Therefore, I think it is good news for us.

Indeed, good news for all of use who have yet to take a close personal look at the new electric SUV — after all, who doesn’t want to see the falcon doors in action in person? Or, for that matter, who doesn’t want to take a test drive?

Some of the other commenters on the thread expressed skepticism of the timeline provided by the sales rep, though.

“ivengo” did note, however, that: “The store person said only reservation holders will be able to test drive for now.”

Adding a further wrinkle to the situation.

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