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Plugless Power Gets Big “Plug” + Drops Prices

We’ve covered Plugless Power for years, but it seems like it’s been awhile. Basically, Plugless Power is one of the top providers of wireless home EV charging stations. (Actually, it claims to be the provider of the world’s first wireless EV charging station.) Someone from Plugless Power (or, more accurately, Evatran) recently dropped me a line […]

August 20th

Porsche Releasing An Electric Sport Sedan In 2018?

Despite occasional comments to the contrary made by company executives, the German automaker Porsche is pretty clearly looking to release of a fully electric vehicle within the near future — based on a series of patent applications made by the company in the US, Germany, and China, anyways. These patent applications include both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell […]

June 7th

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that includes an electric motor. Okay, this article is done…. In all seriousness, there’s a lot of confusion regarding electric vehicle terminology. Furthermore, much of the public still isn’t aware of what an electric car is, and I think there’s some value in breaking down the various types of […]

May 31st

50 Big Aspects Of The Evolving Electric Vehicle Market

Some good people at Urban Foresight, the International Energy Agency, the Electric Vehicles Initiative, and Clean Energy Ministerial have put together an “EV City Casebook” that I highly recommend checking out (it’s free). The focus of the casebook is a summary of “50 big ideas shaping the future of electric mobility.” We’ll be focusing on some (or many) […]

December 8th

WiTriCity Wireless Charging Gains Momentum

Plug-in cars are only just starting to sell in serious numbers, but one company that aims make that nomenclature obsolete. WiTriCity has already proven the potential of wireless “inductive” charging, and they hope to increase the rate of charging beyond what is possible even in today’s advanced EVs. Whereas most EVs have either a 3.3 […]

September 3rd

Mercedes And BMW Cooperate On Wireless Charging

Originally posted on Gas2 Mercedes and BMW announced they are sharing the design and production of a wireless charging system, which will soon begin testing on the 2015 Mercedes S 500 HYBRID. In the process, they will be establishing protocols that could become standard for all wireless charging systems in the future. At present, the system […]

Evatran Teams Up With Mr. Electric On Wireless EV Charging

Wireless electric car charging company Evatran has teamed up with the Mr. Electric Franchise Group to provide installation of wireless charging pads. It’s the latest effort to put EV charging stations everywhere, while making the process of charging even more convenient. Evatran’s PLUGLESS L2 wireless charging station has undergone over two years of trials with […]

Tesla / Elon Musk Townhall Meeting In Amsterdam (56-Minute Video)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel recently stopped into Amsterdam for a 1-hour townhall meeting with Tesla Model S owners and enthusiasts. A video of the meeting was recorded (natch) and is embedded above. Questions related to navigation, charging in Belgium, vehicle-to-grid technology and plans, song availability in Europe, solar + Tesla, and much […]

February 7th

5-Year Wireless Electric Bus Trial Begins In UK

There’s no doubt about it — wireless electric vehicle technology gets people excited. It’s not as efficient as conventional electric vehicle charging, but it’s more convenient and something that simply gets people excited. So, I’m sure a new, 5-year wireless electric bus pilot in the UK is going to get some of our readers excited. […]

January 13th

Volvo Testing In-Road Wireless EV Charging

Remember when roads weren’t everywhere? Maybe not. However, they had to be built at some point. That was expensive. However, the current gasoline-powered road transportation system is old, unreliable, and inefficient because gasoline engines are unreliable and inefficient. Electric vehicles today are riding on that infrastructure, which was originally built for gasoline-powered cars. Is that […]

June 25th

Plugless EV Charging Gets More Affordable Thanks To Bosch

Evatran’s PluglessTM Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System is a clear leader in the wireless EV charging realm. I’ve been following the technology for years, and there aren’t many that are competing with it. Now, Bosch is helping to get the wireless charger out to more people through a distribution and installation agreement with Evatran. […]

June 11th

Wireless Power Transmission For Transit, Trains, Harbor Freight, Etc.

A completely wireless power transmission technology capable of powering high-capacity transport (such as high-speed rail, harbor freight, and airport transportation) has been developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI). It is able to supply a steady and constant 60 kHz and 180 kW of […]

February 21st