Evatran Opening Office In California’s Bay Area

The manufacturer and distributor of the wireless electric vehicle charging product brand Plugless, Evatran, will be opening an office in California’s Bay Area, according to an email sent to EVObsession and CleanTechnica.

The opening of the new Bay Area office unsurprisingly led to the electric vehicle (EV) wireless charger company making a couple of new hires — including a new business-to-business sales rep and market lead, and a new Consumer Sales Lead.

The recent email provides more on that:
Plugless headshot

Strategic growth plans for Plugless include continued expansion and support of automotive industry, dealer, installer, and customer networks. The Bay Area, being one of the top EV markets in the world, was the natural choice for the first West Coast office for Plugless.

The new office includes two new hires for Plugless. Bret O’Neal, an EV charging, solar energy, and battery storage veteran, handles business to business sales and is the market lead. Mia Yamauchi is the new Consumer Sales Lead with event management and brand ambassador experience with brands like Dodge, Wells Fargo, State Farm Insurance, Verizon, and Apple. Most recently she promoted the 2nd generation Chevy Volt for General Motors in the Bay Area.

Plug less headshotThe company is also currently looking to find its first Bay Area Installation Services Specialist. Those interested can find out more at the company’s website.

“We plan on exponential growth this year and having a local network available in the Bay Area makes strategic sense,” commented Evatran’s CEO Rebecca Hough. “Our presence among all the corporate and research & development offices of the EV industry in the area is a plus too.”

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