California Energy Commission Awards $8.9 Million To 4 Companies For Development Of West Coast Electric Highway

Nearly $9 million in new funding was awarded by the California Energy Commission to 4 companies (split via 9 different awards) to build electric vehicle fast-charging stations along major routes in the state, according to recent […]

5 Reasons Teslas Trump Every Other Electric Car

We get criticized a little bit for writing too much about Tesla. However, so far, Tesla is just in a very different league than all the other electric car producers. Not even speaking about the Tesla […]

Elon Musk Gives Talk At Tesla Paris

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently stopped off at the company’s showroom in Paris, France, to give a presentation, more or less detailing the company’s plans for Europe over the next few years. He touched on a […]

SDG&E Installing Thousands Of EV Charging Stations Via New Pilot Project

Approval for San Diego Gas & Electric’s Electric Vehicle Grid-Integration pilot project was recently granted by the California Public Utilities Commission, giving the utility company the go-ahead to start its installation of thousands of new electric […]

JuicePoints — eMotorWerks Program That Pays Drivers To Charge Their EVs

A new program dubbed “JuicePoints” was recently revealed by the charging solutions company eMotorWerks that’ll actually “pay” drivers for charging their electric vehicles at specific times, according to recent reports. The program allows existing JuiceBox Pro […]

POD Point Raised £267,750 Via Recent Crowdfunding Campaign

The electric vehicle charging point company POD Point raised £267,750 during its recent Open Charge Mini Bond crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, according to a recent email sent to EV Obsession and CleanTechnica. The company actually managed […]

Tesla Hong Kong & China Updates (Elon Musk Interview)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Tesla is making an intentional, full-force push into China by way of focused attention on the dense urban centers, starting with Hong Kong. A recently released official Tesla Motors video supported a trip […]

Tesla UK Updates

A “xborg” on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently attended the opening of Tesla’s Oxford Store. For the benefit of many more people, he also took notes based on Tesla UK country director Georg Ell’s presentation. You can […]