California Energy Commission Awards $8.9 Million To 4 Companies For Development Of West Coast Electric Highway

Nearly $9 million in new funding was awarded by the California Energy Commission to 4 companies (split via 9 different awards) to build electric vehicle fast-charging stations along major routes in the state, according to recent reports.

The new funding — $8,875,457, to be exact — will be used to create DC (direct current) fast-charging stations along Interstate 5 (I-5), State Route 99 (SR 99), and Highway 101 (US-101).


Of the 9 awards mentioned above, ChargePoint won 3, EV Connect won 3, NRG EV Services won 2, and Recargo won 1. ChargePoint’s 3 awards totaled $3,739,615 (42% of all funding awarded); EV Connect’s awards totaled $1,843,179 (21% of all funding awarded); NRG EV Services’ 2 awards totaled $1,659,928 (19% of all funding awarded); and Recargo’s one award totaled $1,632,735 (18% of all funding awarded).

Green Car Congress provides more info:

The awards stem from a solicitation released in July 2015 (GFO-15-601), with the overall objective of completing the West Coast Electric Highway which stretches from British Columbia to Baja California. CEC received a total of 35 proposals requesting a combined $39,159,298.

The solicitation defined 7 primary and 2 secondary corridor segments. While both primary and secondary segments required networked charging equipment (EVSE), the primary segment required at least one CHAdeMO fast charger, one SAE CCS Fast Charger and one J1772-compliant Level 2 charger or one dual unit with both CHAdeMO AND SAE CCS connectors and (1) J1772-compliant Level 2 charger either as a separate unit or integrated. Secondary segment solutions were required to have one CHAdeMO fast charger and (1) J1772-compliant level 2 charger, although proposals also including an SAE CCS fast charger scored higher.

The California Energy Commission released a new solicitation (GFO-15-603) for DC fast chargers for California’s interregional corridors in January.

3 thoughts on “California Energy Commission Awards $8.9 Million To 4 Companies For Development Of West Coast Electric Highway

  1. There is CCS DCFC link along Hwy101 + I5 from Mexican border to Portland OR for 80 miles range EV already (since about Oct. 2015). For Chademo, it’s along I99 + I5. Since finding out, I imagine a fictional one day EV race from Mexico border to Sacramento (maybe to CARB office); see “The great trans California EV race” in SparkEVBlogspot for the map; CCS along the western route, Chademo along the eastern route.

  2. Well thank goodness Blink did not get in on it. They’re units are in constant disrepair and no one seems to ever repair or replace them.

  3. Tesla already has it covered for their cars. They didn’t need any funding either. Too bad the other EV makers didn’t get together and make their own electric highway route. Maybe this will give others ideas to do the same.

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