Phone Charger That Looks Like A Tesla Supercharger

Those who admit to being (perhaps obsessive) fans of Tesla may be interested to learn that a fellow Tesla fan on the Tesla Motors Club forum has gone through the trouble of designing a 3D-printed Tesla Supercharger phone charger. And, perhaps more importantly for us, has begun offering such phone chargers for sale on Panjo.

They are apparently available with either a micro-USB or an Apple lightning cable hookup, and going for $99 a piece (plus shipping). Here’s a link to the product listing.

Tesla supercharger phone charger

Here’s more from the creator — the commentator “Maddin0r” himself — via his posting on the forum:

Gen. 2: TESLA Phone Supercharger
A must-have for every TESLA Enthusiast
Charging cable for your Smartphone that looks like the original Tesla Supercharger
Ready-to-charge with Micro-USB or Apple Lightning cable
3D-printed and very realistic
Worldwide shipping is no problem.
Feel free to contact me for further questions!
Will be shipped within 10 working days.
Delivery time to the USA can be up to three weeks.
Please comment if you want to have Apple Lightning / Micro USB charging cable.
List Date: 2/5/2016

For those perhaps a bit worried about whether Tesla is getting its fair share or not of profits, it should be noted that the creator apparently reached out to a high-up Tesla rep who said there was nothing to worry about — as the comment below shows:

I had contact to a higher representative of TM. He said, that I don’t have to worry about that and ordered one for his desk.
There is nothing to add.
This is just my private hobby, I would like to share.

3 thoughts on “Phone Charger That Looks Like A Tesla Supercharger

  1. As a lawyer and if the story about the Tesla representative is true: dammit, Tesla is cool. None of that “it’s our intellectual property and we’re gonna sue if you…”.

    Go Tesla.

  2. Does it go beyond Quick Charge technology speeds, because if not, it wouldn’t be much of a Supercharger. At the very least it should support 12v2A for devices that can take it. Sorry iPhone owner.

  3. It seems you can just 3D print one of these things at local public library, sometimes for free. Why does it cost $99? It is a good idea, however; I might give out some free openscad files in my blog in the future. SparkEV mouse might be interesting, though scroll wheel would be weird.

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