France Considering Purchase Price Limit On EV Incentives

Perhaps following in the footsteps of other governments, the government of France may institute a base-price limit on electric vehicles eligible for the country’s purchase incentives, according to recent reports. The proposed limit is reportedly ~$56,000 […]

Interactive Infographic Of The Tesla Model S

An interesting new interactive infographic detailing the Tesla Model S was recently brought to my attention, and seems very much worth sharing here. The interactive infographic was created by “Romtim” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, […]

“My Other Car Is A Reservation” — T-Shirt For The Discerning Tesla Model 3 “Owner”

Those with Tesla Model 3 reservations still have quite awhile to wait before they get to actually drive the much-hyped electric car … at least a year and half. So, what does one do until then? […]

12 Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders Get Golden Tickets To Gigafactory Opening

Among the ~400,000 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders, Tesla decided to have some fun and randomly select 12 to attend the Gigafactory Grand Opening on July 29 in Reno, Nevada. Extending the fun Tesla loves to […]