Tesla Model 3 With Various Likely Paint Jobs (Fan-Created Pics)

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

We still have at least a year-and-a-half wait left until the Tesla Model 3 begins hitting the US market, but fan enthusiasm and anticipation is continuing to keep public attention on the electric sedan.

With that fan/buyer impatience in mind, there was recently a post on the Tesla Motors Club forum where “AdrianEdson” shared his self-created depictions of the Tesla Model 3 with various different (likely) paint jobs and options. Here are a few of those (many more from Adrian and others can be found at the link just above):

Tesla Model 3 red

Model 3 titanium

Model 3 black

The red paint job looks quite nice to my eyes, as does the Titanium Metallic. Any thoughts on paint jobs?

Given the seeming popularity of the matte black Model 3 paint job shown at the reveal, the company is reportedly considering offering it as option, interestingly. Anybody here interested in the option?

I’m a bit curious if the company will end up offering other “niche” paint options as well — given the production numbers expected, one can hope.

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