Rumors About Tesla Model 3 Using Samsung Batteries Are False, CEO Elon Musk Says

Despite the rumors that have been going around lately, Tesla is not planning to use Samsung SDI batteries in any of its electric vehicles, according to the company’s CEO Elon Musk.

Going by a number of recent tweets made by Musk, it appears that Panasonic will remain the sole supplier of electric vehicle (EV) batteries for the Model S, the Model X, and the upcoming Model 3 as well. The recent reports concerning Tesla receiving a large quantity of Samsung SDI batteries apparently relate to a possible use of Samsung’s batteries by Tesla Energy.

“Media outlets noted that Japanese-based The Nikkei had reported a large quantity of Samsung SDI batteries had been delivered to Tesla’s development facility in California fueling speculation that Tesla is evaluating Samsung products for possible use at a later time,” Teslarati writes.

“A confidential source told Bloomberg that Samsung SDI is in talks with Tesla to provide batteries for its electric cars. That source, who asked to remain unidentified, indicated the two companies were likely to agree on a business arrangement, although nothing has been finalized as of yet. The report sent shares of Samsung SDI up more than 8% in trading yesterday.”

Considering the stock price surge, I have to wonder about the motives behind the rumors….

At any rate, those worried about possibly getting a Model 3 featuring third-party batteries — rather than Gigafactory-produced ones — apparently have nothing to worry about.

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