2010 Tesla Roadster Sport Signed By Elon Musk Up For Sale

A 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport signed by CEO Elon Musk — and with only around 77,000 miles on it — was recently put up for sale on ebay.

The car in question is something of a collector’s item, owing to the fact that (in addition to simply being a Tesla Roadster) it was an “ambassador car” for the company. It was apparently even featured in a number of magazine articles back when Tesla was nearly brand new to the industry. (Here’s the listing.)

2010 tesla roadster sport

Despite the mileage, the Roadster in question still gets ~170 miles to a full charge, according to the listing. Not bad, considering the original range, and the age on it.

Here’s a full-description (from the listing):

This is an actual “Sport” with the biggest motor and fastest 0-60 (3.7 secs). The Sport also has fully adjustable shocks and sway bars. To top it off, this was an “ambassador car” for Tesla and signed by Elon Musk himself (car was featured in articles, which can be made available to buyer). This is a hand-built limited production car–the one that started Tesla and changed the way people thought about electric vehicles.

Options: Xenons, keyless entry, premium 2-tone leather, forged wheels, paint protection on almost entire car, soft-top convertible.

This car has been driven as it should be and is not a garage queen with few miles and possible lurking issues. This car has had a recent annual service and complete going over by Tesla; they will vouch for it. Only wear issues were an ABS sensor, a neglectable wheel bearing replacement expense, and some nuts and bolts on the belly pan. We added new Advan AD07 tires, new keys, new stereo head unit and new 120V charging cord. It also has the 240V charging cord as well. Car shows 170-mile range on full charge.

Also worth noting is that the seller is the original owner, and that free delivery within 250 miles of Detroit is an option.

Tesla roadster interior

Tesla roadster interior

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